ct: Can an Oil Spill be Beautiful? Perspective changing in 2011. - 01/02/11 11:31 PM

This image is of a small oil spill in my neighborhood that my daughter and I found one day while out for a walk.  We live in the Lake Garda area in Farmington Ct, where homes are perched on hills overlooking a wonderful lake.  There are often cars parked on the street on one of the roads that we walk on, one of them has left this oill spill  What beautiful colors and pattern it makes.  It resembles a sunburst or a glowing ball of fire perhaps.  How can something so nasty (oil) leave such a pretty and impressionable … (4 comments)

ct: Gun Left Out During House Showing? - 11/24/10 02:51 PM
I toured a home with a potential Buyer the other day.  As I entered the house, I knocked and called out  "Hello I am here for a showing" ( as I usually do).  After realizing that the house was empty I opened the door further and stepped inside.  The dining room, which was in the next room and in clear view of the front door housed a table with something on it.  As I approached closer, I realzed it was a leather gun holster, a clip and a gun case....but no gun.
I froze in my tracks..."Hello?" I called out suspiciously.

ct: The Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington CT - 11/21/10 12:21 PM
The Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington Ct is one of the most beautiful places to go and spend a few hours.  Built in 1901, it houses famous pieces of art from the masters Monet, Manet, Cassat and Whistler..to name a few.  It also has the loveliest grounds around-from rolling meadows to formal a formal english garden.
As you can imagine, it is a wonderful spot for picture taking, both casual and posed.  I often take my daughter there and take pictures in the gardens.  It is impeccably maintained and the Hill-Stead holds events here such as the famous "Sunken Garden Poetry Festival", … (4 comments)

ct: Timeline for Home Purchasing-For Your Clients - 11/21/10 11:45 AM
Good Evening All!  Having worked with many first time home buyers, I took it upon myself to write up a "Homebuying Timeline".  Many times Buyer's don't know which step is next which can be confusing and frustrating for them.  I jotted down 10 steps to homebuying from submitting and offer to closing and gave them to my Buyers.  They have told me that it was handy to have since they could look it over and see what was coming down the road.  Please tweak it if you need and share it with your Buyers.
Making an Offer
1.     An … (3 comments)

ct: Ct Agents-Looking to Expand 70% commission no fees - 11/21/10 02:14 AM
Vision Real Estate is looking to expand into a Farmington office.  If you would be interested in coming to check us out, please email me at Julie@visionofct.com
You can also check us out at www.visionofct.com
We currently have offices in Avon,Unionville, Bristol, Plainville, Torrington, Winsted, Southington and New Britain.  We are looking at opening a Farmington Ct office on rt 10. 
Most of our Agents are earning at leaast 70% commission (based on experience and Management approval).  Work part time or full time.  Contact me if you would be interested in any of our locations.

ct: Earnest Money Deposit------Where did it go?????? - 11/21/10 01:50 AM
Earnest money deposit through the mail can be tricky.  I was recenlty working with Clients who are from out of state.  They came up to look at a few houses and ended up submitting a contract on the one they loved.  The Seller requested a very large deposit on the home that was to be submitted within one week of the signed contract.  The Buyer agreed, and had to send it up via certified mail.
When the Seller told me that he had sent it and it was confirmed that it had been recieved, I was a little confused when the … (4 comments)

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