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  Exciting news from the marketing department at Beverly-Hanks!  Beverly-Hanks & Associates, the oldest and largest real estate agency in western North Carolina, has just implemented new mobile phone technology designed to help WNC visitors interested in real estate get a really fast response to...
Dan Buettner has written a  NY Times best seller The Blue Zones: Lessons For Living Longer From The People Who've Lived The longest. He researched four places in the world where people not only live to be old but stay fit and active deep into old age: Okinawa Japan, Costa Rica, Sardinia Italy, a...
  It's no secret that fewer people are playing golf. More golf courses are closing than opening. Opinions for the downturn vary from "it's the economy" to a simple change in demographics.  But some are wondering if the rules of the game are part of the problem.  Enter Flogton (not golf spelled b...
  Reform of the mortgage markets is coming.  It has been mandated by the Dodd-Frank Law. But how to meet the challenge of avoiding another financial market meltdown while making sure Americans will be able to get a mortgage is not simple. The recently made public Obama Administration report offer...
The Dodd-Frank law has legally mandated a makeover for mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Fannie and Freddie, along the FHA (another government- backed agency), are behind nearly 90% of US mortgages. The goal of reform is to make sure we do not ever see another financial meltdown requir...
More good news for boomers! It seems we may be smarter than we were in our 20s.  You already suspected that, didn't you?  For years, we have been told that our brains peak in early adulthood and then slowly go downhill from there. Now, science has discovered that our brains continue to produce n...
The Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law passed by Congress to clean up the financial meltdown is marching forward.... The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC), jointly with the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other banking regulators have approved a draft rule that wi...
  Historically thrifty senior citizens have been of little interest to marketers but the 76 million boomers born between1946 and 1964 account for about half of all US consumer spending.  Now rapidly turning 65, boomers are an affluent group used to asking for and getting what they want.  Marketin...

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