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Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!
It was a tough day today.  When I showed my Donald the long list of calls on my cell phone today it took me 5 minutes to keep scrolling through the pages.  A new listing photo appointment.  A new REO photo fact finding mission (oh it was SO bad) A long call with my new website guy. A couple of di...
I recall with fondness the client who first did a review without me asking. I also fully admit that I was a little nervous when I found said client had posted said review BEFORE closing.  I never ever pick up a lockbox or sign before closing for fear of jinxing the deal.  I'd certainly never ever...
My Donald has a saying about this and it's "Perfect practice makes perfect"But what happens if you practice wrong? "Practice makes perfect" can be an accurate phrase because the more you do something, you build up that procedural memory and your brain can quickly instruct your muscles to carry it...
I honestly don't remember the date, which is highly unusual for me.  What I do remember is I was driving home from dinner out and my phone rang.  And when I answered the young woman was sort of taken aback that I answered my phone after 7 pm.  I fondly have always referred to her as Connecticut. ...
Full disclosure, this one needs some TLC.  The house needs new flooring and paint on the interior and the yard needs a little work as well, but it has a lovely view.  It's a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath manufactured home on a nice gentle sloping lot with good water. House sits of fee simple property, but th...
This is an old photo, it was one of those "memories" that showed up on my Facebook today. It's a memory that made me cry.  I still have that sweet puppy and he's healthy and fine.  The tears came as I remembered where that scar on my foot came from.  I was at my aunt's house and we made adult ble...
The property needs some TLC and repairs, but has solid bones and is priced to sell.  It's a 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath with living room and den, nice cleared back yard on half an acre lot.  Just 40 minutes to the Shoppes at River Crossing.  This is a must see for investors and anyone needing very a very a...
First, we seem very on pace with last January at the mid month point and since the majority of real estate closings happen the last week of the month I feel like we'll surpass the total number of sales of 14 for last year in January.  We'll be down from December I suspect, but that's pretty typic...
Pine Forest Subdivision is in Putnam County on the west side of Lake Sinclair and the part of the lake closest to Macon.  Twin Bridges offers a few things that other areas don't, there's a marina with boat storage and repair, a convenience store right there.  The photo to the right was taken from...
I will never forget the day I had, it was one of those really bad ones.  It was raining, I was showing property and the steps were mildewed and wet and that's a bad combination.  Thankfully it was me that fell and cracked a rib and not a client.  A few hours later I went to read something and rea...

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