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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
Ron and I took a trip to Neptune's Net in Malibu last Thursday to scout the place, and to share pictures for this reminder.  There is plenty of parking, and 35 places for motorcycle parking.There are two kitchens (restaurant side and seafood side).  It is your choice as to which you order at.  Yo...
We both love roses.  When we lived in Los Angeles, we had a rose garden with 150 bushes.  Ron and I took care of each one of them.  In Napa, my collection grew to 50 bushes by the time we moved down here.  I gave them all to a friend who planted them in her Yountville home garden.A true poet does...
We love all aspects of branding, and we enjoy sharing them with our readers.  Our intention is that it may spark creativity in promoting your brand of doing business.  Brilliant examples inspire us, and we hope they will inspire you in marketing your luxury real estate practice. We met Bijan the ...
Summer Weather In Santa BarbaraOne of the best-kept secrets about Santa Barbara California is that summer does not really start until late July. Even August can be overcast on some days.  But, our summer lasts almost through December!  It is not uncommon to hear locals complain about “May gray”, ...
One of our biggest breakthroughs in 2016 was identifying the need for a complete paradigm shift in the field of luxury real estate marketing. At mid-year we are now in the process of creating and test marketing a very exciting new service and business model, based on this fresh perspective. The p...
We have a large equestrian community in different areas of Santa Barbara.  These lovely ladies were no doubt heading to the Summerland beach, where horses are allowed to run and enjoy the sand as well as galllop in the waves.  We were amused that they had just passed the 101 North freeway entranc...
We were very early adopters of Social Media, because we certainly did not want to miss out on a potential mega-trend and a lucrative marketing channel for new business.  We did get a decent return on our investment of time. The best result that we can attribute to Social Media is that it helped t...
It seemed like everyone came out early at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market.  We are all expecting a hot day!  Luckily every so often the ocean breezes cool us off.  Tomatoes of all types ruled the day.  We loved these little cherry tomatoes and they are sweet! And then there were the green stripe...
We were drawn to this Italian wine, Soraie Veneto 2014 when we read  that it was made with partially dried grapes.  This concept reminded us of Amarone wine, a favorite of ours from the same region.   Amarone is made from dried grapes.  As we researched this wine we learned that Cecilia Beretta i...
Hibiscus bushes are a commom sight in Santa Barbara sidewalks particularly in retail areas.  We were walking to our appointment and  noticed both tree style hibiscus and just big bushes, like the one pictured above.  We love the color and the abundance of blooms.  Happy Friday, and we wish you al...

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