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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
Uché Pézard, Executive Director and Founder of Luxe Corp    We recommend to all those involved in luxury real estate marketing that they stay current and fluent in all aspects of the luxury economy.  This includes luxury goods, hard luxury (jewelry) and luxury services.  The more you know about ...
 As a luxury real estate marketing professional be sure to get comfortable in the company of high net worth consumers. If they intimidate you, get over it or consider getting out of this end of the business.  Otherwise, your attitude becomes the elephant in the room that cannot be missed. High ne...
 We saw these Antique Truck Toys at J. Woeste, our favorite Home and garden treasures store in Los Olivos on our Thursday trip to the Wine Country!  We are always amused by their offerings, as they always come up with something new and unusual.  Imagine a plant in that truck compartment!  What a ...
We have never tired of our walks by the beach.  Both of us have walked on beaches since we were kids.  Everytime we are here, it looks different.  This is our conference room, our inspiration point, and a place of bliss.  It reminds us of a quote by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, "Just think of any negat...
Carpinteria, is the biggest flower producing region in the state of California.  We are known as California's flower basket, and we compete on a global scale with cut flowers.  Here are some of the flowers we see everytime we go to the Santa Barbara Farmers Market.Another artful mixed bouquet inc...
It is an overcast day this morning, and no promise of sunshine today, just a high of 70 degrees.  We think the Farmers Market will be open this morning, we will find out in an hour and a half.     No plans today, enjoying Wimbledon on TV, making barbecued ribs and panna cota with fresh blueberrie...
Everyone we have spoken to this week is taking off early, so yesterday, we decided to take of for a lunch jaunt to the wine country.  We stopped by our favorite bakery,  The Baker's Table, to replenish our stash of chocolate espresso cookies, and to buy bread.   Amy Dixon, the owner, makes the be...
We have been noticing that the world of Santa Barbara is slowing down in anticipation of the Fourth of July.  This started on Tuesday and progressively every one is getting mellow, smiling more, and getting into holiday mode. A week ago we discovered these yellow phaleonopsis at Westerlay Orchids...
 This morning's re/code feed's headline of "Machine Learning is Hard!: Google Has Egregious Facial Recognition Error", caught our attention.    No doubt some of you have already subscribed to Google's new Photos App service.   It gives you unlimited free storage of your photos as well as maintain...
If you are going to select a name (other than your own) for your luxury real estate marketing business, be sure to select a name that embodies your reason for existing in the marketplace.  As we were sitting at the Coffee Bean on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. at 6:30 AM sipping our cappuccinos,...

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