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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
Playing chess to win involves strategic thinking.  A good chess player thinks several moves ahead, and they are not content with immediate gratification of getting one piece of the board game as their end result.   Unlike chess, checker pieces move in the same direction.  In chess each piece has ...
 Ron's sister and nephew sent us these pictures of "their best in show (tongue in cheek)" furniture picks,"from the High Point furniture show in North Carolina which they recently attended! And then, there is this interesting piece of furniture, will this remain in the home, Sharon Tara ?  Will t...
We were drawn to this amazing looking plant which turned out to be a butterfly lavender. It attracts both butterflies and bees.  The color is stunning and the the silvery leaves are a beautiful contrast. We loved this quote regarding the scent of lavender. "Forgiveness is the smell that lavender ...
If you have followed our blog posts, you are no doubt aware that we are constantly noticing  logos that tell the brand's story. Pictured above is a great example.  This morning we were looking for the perfect pot for our new plant.  As we were meandered through the nursery's selection, we noticed...
We often hear blanket statements about loyalty.  Quite often, people will say "loyalty is a thing of the past!"  "Loyalty is a luxury!" Or, "the only creatures on the planet who are loyal are dogs!" Loyalty is a byproduct of high trust relationships. The dictionary defines loyalty as faithful to ...
Prior to real estate Ron and I had a management consulting company which involved teaching weekend courses on relationships (which were accredited as CE (continuing education) courses by University of California-Berkeley and the University of San Francisco. We also had an executive coaching pract...
One of the flower growers that is at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market specializes in Gerbera daisies.  They are also known as the Transvaal daisy because they were first discovered in South Africa in 1884. Their jewel tones and color variety has made it the fifth most popular cut flower.  Wishing...
We woke up to a gorgeous day of azure blue skies and a high expected of 77 F degrees.  The Santa Barbara Farmers Market had a day of first sightings.  We loved the artful display of Mini-Carrots!   We welcomed Mt Olive Organic Farms to the fold.  These oyster mushrooms were harvested in the wee h...
This morning, I am sorting, deleting and cataloging photos on my computer. I spotted this photo taken on one of the little backstreets of Florence. This old building from Medieval times with its assorted niches of angels and biblical scenes, wrought iron grill work is just one of the many reasons...
We are having gorgeous weather.  Temperatures are in the low 80's at the moment, and they are being tempered with cool ocean breezes.  This is my kind of wind chill factor.  We spotted this Vespa parked in the Evolation Yoga parking lot, as we headed to our Friday noon class.  It belongs to one o...

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