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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
Yesterday, we made our journey to the Santa Barbara Wine Country.  After a superb lunch in Los Olivos at Sides Hardware and Shoes, we walked over to Woestes Garden Treasures.  There were so many wonderful new treasures that would make for an instant smile, like this metal butterfly sculpture...Or...
The market was very crowded this morning.  We think many drove up from Los Angeles County to escape the humidity the recent monsoonal rainstorms brought their way.  The variety of eggplant is astounding.  They each have their own special taste difference either sweeter or creamier than the globe ...
Milpas street in Santa Barbara in one of the streets we frequently exit on.  Trader Joe's is there as are two of our favorite Mexican restaurant, Superica and Los Agaves.  The street is ligned with these magnificent trees, which is the city trims once a year.  This shot was taken looking up at th...
A rhapsody in pink with blue green foliage greeted us as we walked out of a garage in Santa Barbara. These plants are succulents.  The plant's name is  Calendris spectabilis.  The flowers are 2 feet tall and  bloom during Spring and Summer.  The plant itself stays low and grow up to to 12 inches....
As a luxury real estate  marketing professional, it is important to stay abreast of the new technology that is evolving in the Green Eco Smart Industry.  Here is something we discovered yesterday, when were having lunch at Honor Bar in Santa Barbara. The picture above shows the pedestal of one of...
As a luxury real estate marketing profession it is essential that you continuously refresh your brand in order to maintain top-of-mind status.  Often, this means updating your logo, your website and print materials. It also means continuously adjusting your marketing message to appeal to your tar...
We had an appointment on Coast Village Rd which some identify as Montecito/really in Santa Barbara, one of the Santa Barbara County communities known for it great school districts and movie stars who have homes there.  This Mazerati beauty caught our attention. It is also home to many estates and...
We like to bring a gift of wine as a thank you to someone who had done a great job for us, as a hostess gift or just because we felt like it.  When picking out a wine for a gift, we want to make sure it is really good and reasonably priced.   This Sparkman 2013 Birdie Riesling from Columbia Valle...
Consistently practicing the fundamentals is mission critical to your success as a luxury real estate marketing professional. If you want to be a market leader you also need to keep abreast of trends.   As brand strategists we are constantly researching, not only what is currently trending but als...
When crafting your personal or company brand and your marketing, it is of paramount importance that you take time to understand the demographics (age and income) as well as the psychographics (Interests, activities, opinions and lifestyles) of your target market.  The psychographics are more impo...

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