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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
Let’s dispel the mystery of marketing luxury real estate.  The truth about marketing is pricing the home right.  Then you show it off in the best light.  That means providing the best possible presentation packaging and using those exposure tools to reach buyers and agents who represent them. The...
We both enjoy Champagne and find that it is a great accompaniment to crab-cakes, barbecued oysters and all sorts of seafood dishes.    Our friend and wine expert, Walt, at Trader Joe's highly recommended it ($30).  Here is what Wine Enthusiast had to say,"The style of Piper-Heidsieck's nonvintage...
The plastic flamingo is an example of American kitsch. Kitsch is a German word for art that is considered inferior, tasteless copy of a style of art, a worthless imitation of art of recognized value).  In some parts of the United States, folks replicate the prank of the students at the University...
Maintaining a youthful mindset is not just a frivolous notion.  It is essential to success in business, especially if you love what you do.Since we are approaching Q4 we decided to check in on our January 2nd post in which we declared “vitality” as the focal point for 2015. One of the ways that w...
Recently one of our good friends who is a highly sought after executive coach to the Fortune 500 companies, mentioned that the world of executive coaching is focusing on the subject of mindfulness as part of training successful management teams. We have always felt that mindfulness is one of the ...
 We loved spotting this pooch limousine decorated with three pink daisies indicating that the passengers were females. They all get along, the owner told us and love riding in their limo.  Happy Sunday, Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is the leader in bra...
We had planned to see Mr. Holmes a few weeks ago.  This afternoon, we checked to see if it was still playing in town and it was.  We both fell in love with Ian McKellen's acting, when he played the role of Salieri in Amadeus on Broadway.  It is not the typical Hollywood Sherlock Holmes story.  As...
The marine layer is once again here, keeping us cool.  Itas a busy morning at the Saturday Santa Barbara Farmers Market.  The colors of these small watermelons captured our attention.  They are really tasty.  There is red variety too, just as tasty.  The melon season has begun!  Wishing you lots ...
One of the many joys living here in Santa Barbara is seeing the yuccas in bloom.  I have been waiting to take a picture of this one, near our home, as it is now as its peak !  They love our climate, and we think that these plants add architectural drama to any landscape  As we were driving around...
Writing blog posts on local stories that really matter to the locals in an excellent way to become known as a luxury real estate marketing professional who is a genuine human being. This is known as local journalism or localism.  Think like a professional journalist. Take a tip from this WSJ arti...

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