luxury real estate marketing tips: Are You Standing Out In An Ocean of Me Too! - 07/24/17 08:11 PM

We often talk about the imperative of personal branding, in the highly competitive world of luxury and other real estate marketing. Now, with social media leveling the playing field your website is accessible more than ever before, and the need to stand out is mission critical.
Having the best “packaging” is often the determining factor in selecting an agent online because consumers are pressed for time and they have the power to quickly move on to check out your competitors in a single click.
Even those who are referred to you by trusted sources will check out your website. They want … (42 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: FAQ: PMS Brand Color Systems Defined Part 1 - 06/14/17 08:42 AM

There is an entire language dedicated to color systems. The most commonly used one is Pantone Matching System, also known as PMS. Pantone caught the public’s attention with its “Color of the Year” declaration. There are two secret meetings every year hosted by the company in a European capital, where representatives from many countries present their ideas and debate the choices. When a decision is made, the choice is announced to the media.
Pantone is an industry standard for designers to match colors. The Pantone company prints several versions of swatch books to show how the same color will look depending on … (14 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Friday Photo: Clever Marketing In Beverly Hills #Only On Rodeo! - 05/18/17 08:47 PM

Yesterday, we were in Beverly Hills for our monthly meeting.  Since we always are early, it gives us a chance to check out what is happening on Rodeo Drive. Rodeo drive is where all the top luxury brands can be found.  
It is the most expensive (in lease rates per square foot) in what is known as the Golden Triangle.  Top luxury boutiques include, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Van Cleef Arpels, Harry Winston, Cartier,Bulgari, Gorgio Armani, etc.  
The merchants association came up with this fun photo booth.  It is decorated with silk flowers.  You  and your friends can pop in for a selfie and tweet … (26 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Personal Branding : Create Your Own Brand Category Killer! - 04/06/17 02:29 PM
The most important principle involved in creating a luxury real estate agent personal brand is to find a brand category that you can own like Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.
People think in terms of brand categories. The key is to be the first person to come to mind, rather than your competition, in a brand category and become the category “killer”.Here are some examples of brand categories and the most dominant brand in the category or the category killer:
The easiest way to claim ownership of a brand category is to create a new brand category. That is exactly what Cesar Millan … (38 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Branding Moments: If The Shoe Fits! - 01/31/17 02:07 PM

Whether you are focused on luxury real estate marketing or any other segment of real estate, your business has a better chance of succeeding if it is based on superb relationship marketing.   Relationship marketing means focusing on the long term value of staying in touch with your sphere in order to trigger word-of- mouth advertising as a means of acquiring new customers.
The Zappos  brand and slogan, “Powered by Service ®”, is one of our favorites online stores.  We have been long time customers, and are raving fans. What is their secret? Their employees are taught the essentials of superb customer service.
New employees, regardless of  rank orposition are required to attend a … (18 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Focus & An Extraordinary Brand Story Are 2 Keys to Niche Marketing – 2 - 05/22/16 01:44 PM

In Part 1, we shared that owning top-of-mind status in a local restaurant category is what leads to owning the lion’s share of business in that niche. The same brand strategy principles apply to luxury real estate marketing; it is all about focus and a great brand story. This is especially important in a crowded field if you want to stand out.
The wine industry represents one of the most competitive product categories in the world. Right next door to Wildwood Kitchen that we reviewed in Part 1 is Potek Winery. Here is an excellent example of a heart-warming brand story … (17 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: An Alarming New Technology May Signal the Endgame for Privacy - 05/15/16 01:59 PM

Have you ever wished that you had telepathic abilities so you could immediately know if a luxury home buyer was truly qualified, or if a home seller was not being completely forthright in disclosing defects in the house, or if either are stating their bottom line for the purchase/sale price?  Be careful what you wish for!
A seemingly innocuous TED Talk about sensing when kids are lying, reveals a new lie detection method based on a facial recognition technology that can spot a liar in person, on TV or even across the globe on Skype.  It is called Transdermal Optical Imaging.
Apparently, when … (38 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Google's Anthem: Every Move You Make, I'll Be Watching You! - 06/07/15 11:24 PM

For those of you who are concerned about how much information Google has been collecting about you this should be good news. Prepare yourself for an eye-opening experience!  Go to, log in and see everything that Google knows about YOU and what you now can do about changing all that.
It appears that Google is being proactive by providing you with access to what heretofore was behind the scenes. In light of their potentially costly European lawsuits and mounting global concern about privacy, this was a very practical move on their part.
After viewing your account you will understand why there … (134 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: The Recipe To Attract An Abundance Of Ideal Clients! - 04/09/15 06:48 AM

Even with advanced communication devices and the Internet to connect us all so rapidly, good communication, like common sense, seems to be not so common. 
One way to gain market share as a luxury real estate marketing professional is to become known as an outstanding communicator, because good communication is itself a luxury.  But, that is only half of the secret of attracting more clients. Here is a recipe to attract an abundance of ideal clients who appreciate good communication.
When we ask luxury real estate professionals to define the qualities their ideal clients must have, invariably good communication is at the top … (28 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: How To Best Your Competition - 03/19/15 03:18 AM

A recent report by the Luxury Institute reported that 75 percent of wealthy customers across every generation (boomer, generation X and millennial) expect superior customer service from salespeople. How do they define superior service? 
In the report, knowledge, professionalism, and politeness were cited as the top qualities.  The millennial generation in particular expects sales professionals to know more than they do, since they are known to do their research prior to buying.  
There are some important implications here for luxury real estate marketing. For example, in terms of knowledge, one of the things you need to … (25 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tip: “Pizza with a Purpose!” - 08/14/14 01:57 AM

One of the aspects of marketing is making yourself well known and well thought of in your community.  Here is an example that we feel could be applied to the real estate industry.
 We received a postcard titled “Pizza with a Purpose” which caught our attention (.03 seconds).  The Animal Shelter Association Program sent it to us.  The “FUNdraiser" is a co-marketing effort with California Pizza Kitchen. 
On Tuesday,August 19th between the hours of 11:00am-10:00pm, 20% of the check will be donated to the Animal Shelter Association Program.

 Every savvy real estate marketing professional has a sphere of … (20 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Luxury Real Estate Branding: The Power of Color in .03 Seconds! - 08/12/14 03:51 AM

When you are refining your luxury real estate branding and marketing package, it is important to focus on the power of color.  The response to color is often subliminal. The eyes see color in .03 seconds equivalent to the blinking of an eyelash.  In that brief moment, colors have to convey the message of the brand which helps create interest and eventually the sale.  This makes it worth the time for a second look.
Yesterday, we were cruising the aisles of luxury stores and looking at different products, and their packaging for inspiration.  We apply the .03 seconds principle … (25 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Luxury Landscaping with Drought Resistant Plants! - 08/11/14 09:23 AM

We took off late morning to go look at various luxury brands and study what is working and what is new out in the universe.  As we were walking through the luxury sector in this shopping center, we noticed a wonderful way of xeriscaping.  Xeriscaping is defined "as landscaping that reduces and eliminate the need of supplemental water." (Wikipedia).

Drought resistant succulents were planted in two different and a mound of blue recycled glass gave the illusion of water.  The second photo uses large boulders as part of the background and taller plants.  
We found it this charming, attractive and water … (21 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: 3 Ways to Sharpen Your Strategic Thinking Part 1: Or Sex on the Beach! - 07/29/14 04:59 AM

If you are going to respond pro-actively to the ever-changing world we live in, it is important that you sharpen your strategic thinking.   This will help you to outthink your competition.
Take time to reexamine your opinions.  Challenge your own premises, and be open enough to admit you may be wrong.  For instance, many real estate marketing professionals are quick to tell you that print advertising is a colossal waste of money.
In our research and experience we have found that in some luxury markets, print ads are a strong source of leads for many brokers and agents.  … (46 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Real Estate News: Zillow is buying Trulia for $3.5 Billion Dollars - 07/28/14 01:35 AM
According to CNBC, Zillow's deal to buy Trulia is set, and this deal will close next year.  This deal is in stock, not cash. "Trulia shareholders will get 0.444 shares of Zillow for each Trulia Share".
On the news Trulia stock rose to $62 a share up from May's low of $30. Interestingly enough both CEO's sold stock "going into merger news".To read more and hear the analysts discuss the deal, here is the link.  
And the beat goes on, what is next?  Will acquire next? They are #3 in this game.  If we owned Trulia stock, we would … (17 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Saturday Smiles: All Stars in Alignment in Santa Barbara! - 07/26/14 04:54 AM

We absolutely cherish those moments when all stars are in alignment.  This perfectly describes our morning!  We headed out to the Santa Barbara Farmers Market, as usual and loaded up on tomatoes and other vegetables.  Corn has to be the quintessential summer treat!   And check out these beautiful Italian sweet peppers!

Then we drove up to Gelson's (one of our favorite markets), for various items.  We needed to coordinate a transaction with our bank next door and our partner in Florida.  Ron started the process and called our partner to coordinate a time for Monday.  
It just … (7 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Friday Fun: The Joy of Personal Accomplishment! - 07/25/14 03:48 AM

As we were walking back from the other side of the channel, we saw and heard a teenage girl yelling, "I did it, I stood up!"Her face was radiant!  We joined her parents in congratulating her, and stood with other parents who were busy taking photos of their child's achievement.  
Success is so much fun to watch, and realizing one's success is a personal victory that strenghtens us and give us the impetus to reach for more.
Wishing you all continued success and a great weekend!
Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-
ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is the leader … (19 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Luxury Real Estate Branding: Communicating with Colors - 07/24/14 05:28 AM

There is an entire psychology of color that goes into crafting luxury brands.  This applies to personal and company brands. Certain colors and color combination evoke strong emotions and are also associated with certain things in the minds of your target market.  It is important to become aware of what you are communicating with your brand colors. 
When you think of the color combination, Green and Red, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  If you are like most people Christmas immediately is associated with this color duo.  As a result, you rarely will see this combination used … (15 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Santa Barbara Lifestyle:Getting Better than Ever! - 07/18/14 07:06 AM

After a sumptuous lunch downtown Santa Barbara, we noticed a sign that the Public Market was open.  This was a project that began in 2012 and finally opened this spring, unbeknownst to us, given our travel schedule.
It is basically a warehouse, with various vendor and eateries, including organic ice cream, butcher,sausage mager baker, sea food purveyor,cheese monger, wine and beer tasting room, organic Green's coffee, chocolate maker, fresh pasta maker, and the Forager's market (who carry Rustic Bakery chocolate shortbread cookies).  The energy was lively and fun.  All these vendors have stainless steel counters and stools, where you can sit … (14 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips: Friday Fun: Staghorn Fern at LotusLand or Bobcat Nest? - 07/18/14 01:25 AM

This magnificent staghorn fern specimen is a photo taken at the fern garden in Lotusland in Santa Barbara.  Our docent told us that one of the gardeners was about to clean the center, when a bobcat jumped out.  These ferns make great nests for birds and bobcats in this instance.  Birds, beware, this may be bobcat territory!  Happy Friday!
Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-
ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry.  They work exclusively with professionals who are passionate about gaining or sustaining market leadership. With an expertise in personal branding, company … (11 comments)

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