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Yesterday I wrote about how I learned about building my own website by doing it. Today, I'd like to invite you to do the same thing: learn about building your own website by doing it. And to make the invitation appealing, you can learn by doing it...totally risk-free. Site Sell, the company that ...
Thank you all for your comments in response to my series of blog posts about building your own website. It really is important for me to share my learning experiences with others. Invariably, this helps make good experiences even better. Looking back at the process by which I acquired the know-ho...
Many years ago, I had the opportunity to address a conference of artists and craftspeople on the topic of marketing their work. My takeaway from that event was a better understanding of the challenges that creative people face when trying to monetize their talent, by selling what they produce. Pr...
When discussing building your own website, it's not all surprising that conversation returns to to topic of website content. Relevant Text In response to my blog post How To Reap The Most Rewards From Your Website  Melanie Hedrick  asked: "Do you suppose it's possible to make the broker branded t...
Templates play a huge and significant role in business. In real estate for example, the process of selling a home starts and ends with the use of templates. When the owners want to sell their home, their sales representative launches the process by completing a listing agreement for the owners to...
Before addressing the comments responding to my the past two weeks of blog posts, some preliminary considerations are important. These considerations themselves are based on comments received in the recent and more distant past. In virtually all cases they are consistent with my own experience an...
For the past couple of weeks, I have been writing about building your own website. My intention was to provide enough of a foundation to allow you to consider building your own site as a viable option. If you do not yet have a website that reflects you...and, if applicable, the rest of your sales...
There are literally hundreds of sitebuilders available, all of them promising to "get your site up in hours." This means that if you tend to be pessimistic, the process of building your own website truly is one damn thing after another. If however you see the glass as half full, you will see the ...
04/15/2010've got a great website concept. You are both knowledgeable and passionate about it. And when writing about the theme and related topics, you can make it real by making your writing sound like you are chatting with a friend. Here's the next question..and it's a toughie. What is the relati...
What is your ideal website concept? If the term website concept is new to you, think of it as the fundamental idea behind your website. In a very few words, it defines what your website is all about. It is also what distinguishes your site from the other 374,000,000 websites about real estate. If...

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