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What would you do today, if you knew you could not fail? What actions would you take, what would you share and how would you treat the people around you. Storyteller Marketing in Real Estate by Larry Lawfer will explore the real estate industry through the eyes of the community and it's people and stories.



Don’t get me wrong focus is good, but the question is, focus on what?  If you are focused on the wrong things you will not get anything of substance completed. All of the real estate pundits have varying punch lists of activities to be productive.  We know we have to spend time every day on pros...
This tiny secret island in the Caribbean boasts 30 perfect white sand beaches.  It has long been considered one of the most exclusive and best places in the world to get away.  Celebrities have come to this island to get away for years. Brad and Jen did, when there was a Brad and Jen.  Kevin Bac...
In business there is real value in statistics and systems.  They allow you to assess how you are doing along that set of criteria you establish.  But if you think following a single system and looking at statistics in one particular way will always show you the right way, you are wrong.  Real Est...
Comparing is a big part of real estate. We compare and contrast all the time. One house has more yard; another a new kitchen, one lender allows an explanation for an issue; another will not…and so goes the day. Yesterday I had the joy of sitting and talking to two highly successful women and pick...
Have you written off this year and waiting for the economy to be working easier for you?  Have you started just phoning in rather than showing up and practicing?  Your results are a direct result of your actions.  What actions are you taking on a daily basis to get any better.  Are you even doing...
Many of you know I have moved from one market to another. Dallas is very different place than Boston; but this can be truthfully said of any two cities or towns.  The point is, I was one thing in one market because of the nature of what that market offered, I needn’t follow that exact path in Bos...
Maria Jannatpour’s audio book Must See Inside is a great listen.  In late August I reviewed the first of the three cd set describing The Shark Principle of Mario’s.  What I like best about this series is that Mario is a guy who has been there and is doing it.  More importantly he is a professiona...
Elliott Topkins is a wonderful resource and clear head on emotional and convoluted real estate transactions.  He began sharing these stories many months ago and I learn something each time I read one.  He is certainly worth the follow whether you are in MA or not. Thanks Elliott.Two sisters bough...
Quite often I look to sports for a metaphor for my activities.  Now that football season is upon us and I watched both my favorite teams go down in defeat yesterday,  I have lots of content to draw from this morning.  Yes, the economy is difficult right now and even more so getting someone throug...
A very good friend of mine and noted MA appraiser, Gerry Hailer, shared this with me this morning and I think it is worth a post here because what Ted Turner has said about failure is so important to each and everyone involved in Real Estate every day. I am currently re-reading Jim Mullen's The S...

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