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Below are some numbers that I found to be pretty interesting. The housing market has been consistent over time with appreciation and continues to be a solid investment. Similar to other long-term investments, real estate will have it's ups and downs, but over time will increase in value.   Here i...
Do you know your Credit Score? In short, the better your credit score, the more loan options you will have to choose from. •·        know your score •·        take steps to maintain good credit . What Determines you Credit Score? •·        Your history of how you handle credit obligations (credit...
Steps to a Successful Closing your new home! You have finally found that perfect home, signed a purchase agreement, had your inspections and received approval on your mortgage. Congratulations! You are almost there! The only thing that awaits you now is the closing - where you officially receive ...
Your credit score  The first step in managing your credit score is to know where you stand. Everyone is entitled to 3 free credit reports per year. is the ONLY authorized online source for you to get a free credit report under federal law. You can get a free report from eac...
HOW TO RID YOURSELF OF DEBT!  The one we always hear... WHOA on the CREDIT CARDS! I have heard the adage from every direction that if you want to get out of a hole... STOP DIGGING! STOP DIGGING TIPS! Carry Cash - give yourself a weekly cash allowance and you'll be more aware of how much you spend...
Financial Goals!  Setting goals for today and the future may not be easy, but getting your plan in order will get you where you want to go faster! IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS!   WHAT? What do you want to accomplish (ex. pay off credit card, save for a home improvement, etc.) WHEN? Set a specific start an...

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