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Thinking outside the BOX: Networking at the Southwest Food Service EXPO, Houston 2010 I just spent 3 days marketing beef for my husband's company at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Downtown Houston for the Southwest Food Service EXPO. I had a blast. When my husband signed up to be an exh...
The tomatoes are in, the blueberries are ripe, the peaches and watermelon, is prime season for farmer's markets. Are you a backyard gardener with an over-abundance of fruit and vegetables? Instead of leaving mystery bags of produce on your neighbors front door, ringing the bell and...
It is my opinion that many Home Owner's Associations need to review their rules and bring them up to date. The TWO rules that TROUBLE me MOST: 1. NO BOATS STORED ON PROPERTY. Why not? Why can't I keep a boat in my backyard? How is my boat hurting the neighborhood? Why would a neighborhood that br...
Thanks to the Government, Is Houston heading for a Downturn? I try to keep up with the news. I try to balance the type of news I hear. I watch Fox News and BBS. I listen to Conservative talk radio and I listen to NPR. I want to hear both sides of the stories so I can come to my own twisted conclu...
I grew up on Galveston Bay. We moved to Seabrook in 1973. Since then, the health of the coastline has been on my radar. I admit that I am not so PASSIONATE about it that I studied marine biology in college like many of my neighbors, but I paid attention to the current events and real estate devel...
Update to the Swimming Pool Pass in Newport, Crosby TX I called for the application for a swimming pool pass to the Newport HOA. They immediately emailed the form. I faxed it in that same morning. The pass was in my mailbox the NEXT DAY. That is what I call excellent service. If you are still try...
Contact Information for Newport Homeowner's Association Management Company in Crosby, TX The homeowner's association for Newport changed up the process for pool passes this year. In the past, if you were in good standing with your dues, the HOA would automatically send your household a pool pass....
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