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Author Bio: With over 21 years of experience in real estate, Jon’s knowledge of the real estate market and real estate industry is exceptional. Jon started investing in real estate before he decided to obtain his Real Estate Salesperson's License. Jon currently lives in Long Beach California; Jon is a native of Long Beach & has deep passion for Long Beach California and its rich culture. Jon provides the best local area and relocation information, tips for the investors, buyers, and sellers, current market reports, mortgage rates and much more…..
 Our Right To Connect And Communicate.   When we go online, don’t we have certain expectations to be connected to whatever website we want? And when we go online don’t we expect that our cable or phone company not mess with the speed of data and connect us to all websites, applications, and conte...
 Preventable Worries!  We can’t help but worry; it’s in our DNA. Sounds bad I know – but we all are conditioned to worry! From the moment we learn how to speak, our conditioning begins. It is human nature to emulate others even when it comes to worrying. The things we worry about are boundless.  ...
 Debunking A Few Home Selling Myths…   Are you thinking about selling your home? Now more than ever it is easy to find advice about selling your home, but you need to be very careful as there is a lot of information (especially unsolicited information) that is either not that good or just plain f...
 A Home Warranty Plan – A Safety Net That Comes In Handy   Those of you thinking about buying a home need to know about a repair and maintenance safety net called "a one-year home warranty plan." Many first-time home buyers don’t even know what a one-year home warranty plan is. As renters, when t...
 We Wear Many Hats – But None Bigger Than Trusted Advisor!   As a Realtor, we have to wear many hats to be successful, but no hat is more important than the one of trusted real estate advisor to both home sellers and home buyers.  For home sellers, our advice usually starts off with advising them...
 What to Expect During Your Home Inspection.  Did you just make an offer on a home and have it accepted? If so, congratulations. And as exciting as it is (especially for first time home buyers,) it is also a bit scary, too! But before you start deciding where the furniture is going to go “or” bef...
 Revealing Helpful 2017 Home-Buying Tips…  The 2017 spring home-buying season has not only sprung up quickly but also it looks like the spring home-buying season is going to be very competitive for buyers as the shortage of housing inventory remains tight and prices high. The number one regret fo...
 Backup Offer – Should You Pursue It?    So you’re looking to buy a home? Odds are you’ve seen “Backup offer” on a “For Sale” yard sign, and there’s a good chance you’ve now seen the word “Backup offer” when searching for homes online, too! But what does “Backup offer” really mean?  Often, today’...
 1512 W 216th St. Torrance, CA 90501  New 2 bed 1 bath listing in Torrance, California listed by Jon Kolsky.  Located at 1512 W 216th St in Torrance, this charming home comes complete with an amazing curb appeal and a white picket fence. This beautiful 2 bed 1 Bath home is completely remodeled. B...
 Negotiations After the Purchase Contract is signed   When buying a home – most of the negotiations occur before the seller and buyer sign the contract.  Although, the negotiations don’t necessarily end with the acceptance and signing of the purchase contract. In fact, especially in competitive m...

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