jonkolskyimxagents: Testing 123! - 07/21/11 11:57 AM
My first blog using a new toy!

 Last night I decided procrastination time is over, it’s time I try-out this cool new software for my computer; it's supposed to help me navigate around my computer faster/better! So far the software seems to be living up to its claims.
The name of the software is Dragon, its voice activated recognition software capable of recognizing your voice in your dialect. Dragon is supposed to take the mouse and keypad out of your hand, making your computer's experience a lot better. So far I am really impressed; the set up time and tutorial has been … (7 comments)

jonkolskyimxagents: Don’t be last to know! - 06/19/11 04:46 PM
Don’t be last to know!
Data Visualization "2019"
Leads/Marketing different 2019
Realtors who want to be the best; it’s time to listen to the future! Infographics (information graphics) is the next new way to go mainstream.
Trulia is leading the way, being the first, implementing an interactive infograhics interactive mapping system with various heat feature/graphics, it’s really cool.
Big word “infographics”
The cultural implications of infographics will be big, it’s a big word that means “Realtors can present themselves in a simple way, connecting links and icons to be seen in a better light to a wider audience” … (0 comments)

jonkolskyimxagents: What’s hotter a lightning bolt or the sun’s surface? - 06/15/11 03:25 PM

What’s hotter a lightning bolt or the sun’s surface?

Night Light lightning over the Atlantic Ocean reaches temperatures as hot as 50,000 degrees, which is hotter than the sun’s surface!
Beyond the power, lightning presents scientist and humans its great mysteries, how does it work!  
                       The sun has been burning for more than 4.5 billon years, it holds immense gravity, enough to hold all of its hydrogen and helium together & hold all of the planets orbits.
If you didn’t know!
Reference Link:
Prudential California Realty
K.G.P. L.L.C.

jonkolskyimxagents: 90% of Realtors don’t Blog? - 06/07/11 06:28 AM
90% of Realtors don’t Blog?  

I heard this number and question it!
How can this be? One of the most important aspects of a Realtor is leads!
The future of generating leads will greatly depend on the way you market yourself. If I owned a brokers office, I would make sure everyone of my Agents have a bolg, and spend at least 30mins. daily trying to generate leads.
K.G.P.  L.L.C. Jon Kolsky Partner O  760 689 2659 F   562 439 0511 C   562 225 2295   5320 E Second Street #8 … (8 comments)

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