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Grow your real estate sales with these helpful tips from Lee Davenport.
As featured in Inman News.  Top of mind -- are you achieving this position with your prospects that eventually will need to sell a home?  Sure, you can print the standard CMA report from your MLS that every other agent is using but that will not differentiate you.  The only way to be memorable i...
As featured on REALTOR Mag You are posting like a manic on Instagram, using every hashtag known to man.  Yet, you have no leads from this popular social media network. "Arrgh...," you think.  "I knew all of this Insta-Fame hype was nonsense," you smirk and resign in frustration. Not so fast, frie...
Originally Posted 10/12/2017 It's 2017 and social media is saturated with real estate.  This makes it "an uphill battle" for real estate pros, particularly, newbies to stand out and have a voice.  As we approach a new year, you may be looking for new ways to generate leads and to stand apart from...
As featured in Inman News.   Getting started in real estate is...  a rush...  amazing...  scary...  overwhelming...  exciting...   and so many more mixed emotions! No matter how unsure you may be about describing the start of your real estate career, one thing is for sure: The right apps can enha...
Don't Get Banned, Blocked, Fined or Jailed   You've seen it before.  A job is lost.  Fines are imposed.  Accounts are blocked.  Business drys up.  Worse yet, jail time is sentenced.  All from a social media post.  That's a mess... a hot mess.  It's no secret that social media can grow your busine...
Featured in Inman News.   I am sure you have seen the headlines: "Urgent Alert: Sophisticated Email Scams Targeting the Real Estate”  "Email scam targeting real estate industry gets worse”   "Scammers phish for mortgage closing costs | Consumer Information"   "Working with a Realtor? Watch out fo...
As Featured in REMonline.Excerpt from Profit with Your Personality (or Audio Book).   "Warm weather rocks!" Warm versus cold weather.  Some people naturally flourish in one climate over the other.  Case in point: I have a friend that is invigorated by the numbing cold of a northern, icy winter.  ...
Also featured on Inman News.   You know real estate in your target area like the back of your hand.  But, we all know that means very little if you have zero, zip, zilch home seller or buyer prospects.  If your leads pipeline seems to have dried up like a biscuit nuked in the microwave, "then le...
As featured on Inman News.  Listings, in many parts of the nation, are slim-pickings.  For some, an inventory shortage can lead unknowingly to desperation and compromised business standards.  Case in point: A particular seller was adamant about listing her home almost $75k above what the agent de...
Also Featured in RealtorMag.     There it was.  I wanted to keep walking but my eyes zeroed in on it like a bull's eye.  The Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop.  As I walked past, I was sucked in by the pleasant announcement, "Miss, would you like some free samples?"  The samples were scrum...

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