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Grow your real estate sales with these helpful tips from Lee Davenport.
As featured in the Huffington PostWatching the Olympics may remind you of your former athletic glory.  It may even inspire you to get back into some of your old exercise routines like I am back to running the stairs this week (sorry, condo neighbors!). Believe it or not, the Olympics should also ...
I remember getting my real estate license and thinking I was ready to make my first commission check. Little did I know that I had much to learn about generating leads in 20XX. Perhaps you feel the same way, whether you are new, returning or revamping. Well, check out this excerpt from our latest...
Excerpt from Plan to Win: Transform Your Real Estate Sales Game PlanFeatured in Realtor Mag Winning a listing presentation may not be rocket science but it does require deliberate planning and execution.  Whip out your tablet or a pen and paper, and thoughtfully record your answers to the follow...
Have you noticed that although we are in a social media/Facebook Live/Pokemon Go generation, people actually still use a tried and true, old-school tool to communicate and stay informed? Email. Technology has not made this 1990s fadish marvel obsolete but rather a cornerstone to effectively gett...
As excerpted from the workbook, Plan to Win! and Featured in Inman News  What do you think when you see these quotes?  "New agents spend too much time on marketing and too little time on lead generation, said respondents...  Lead generation was ranked as the most challenging part of the business...
Do you have a difficult time consistently marketing your real estate business on social media?  Whether you are busy managing the day-to-day details of your clients and closings or just feel that social media is not your thang, then it may be time for you to hire a social media marketer. I can h...
  Is your business' back door open?  In other words, are you seeking to market and grow your real estate sales business or brokerage but prospective home sellers, buyers, and even real estate agents slip off your radar because you are not meaningfully connected with them?  If you answer is “I do...
Originally shared at Inman Connect on the Road: Chicago as 3 Deal-Killers to Growing Your Business on InstagramAs Featured in Inman Chicagoland    Remember the days when you had to pay per line or character to most effectively market your listings and business?  In the heyday of print advertisin...
  You are in the real estate sales business but do you feel like no one knows it? If so, you likely have a branding problem, my friend!   The marketing maven, Alexandra Radford of Edge Marketing Company, has a critical vocabulary word that every real estate pro should respect and prioritize to ge...
Originally written for Inman News   "Networking will increase the number of people you know. The more people who know you, the more your name can be referred out for your expertise." ~Sussie Sutton You may likely know the importance of networking but with all of the other agenda items of your da...

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