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Grow your real estate sales with these helpful tips from Lee Davenport.
Also featured on Inman News.   You know real estate in your target area like the back of your hand.  But, we all know that means very little if you have zero, zip, zilch home seller or buyer prospects.  If your leads pipeline seems to have dried up like a biscuit nuked in the microwave, "then le...
As featured on Inman News.  Listings, in many parts of the nation, are slim-pickings.  For some, an inventory shortage can lead unknowingly to desperation and compromised business standards.  Case in point: A particular seller was adamant about listing her home almost $75k above what the agent de...
Also Featured in RealtorMag.     There it was.  I wanted to keep walking but my eyes zeroed in on it like a bull's eye.  The Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop.  As I walked past, I was sucked in by the pleasant announcement, "Miss, would you like some free samples?"  The samples were scrum...
Excerpt from Profit with Your Personality. Featured also on Inman News.  “Can you help me?” desperately pleaded a prospective coaching client.“What’s the problem?” I asked concerned.“I want to grow my business. I want the top-producer formula.”  That is what we think, do we not?  That there is j...
As featured on Inman News. Picture this: Sicily... oops, the suburbs 2017. A bride-to-be is frantically searching for a wedding cake baker. She hears one vendor complain about his job orders (e.g. "they can't make up their minds", "they want too much", "I'm driving all over trying to find the ing...
 Excerpt from Profit with Your Personality.Featured in REALTORMag.I detest seeing tags in t-shirts that say, “One size fits all” because that one size NEVER does.  Whether the shirt hugs you like a baby’s onesie or drapes over you like a potato sack or Snuggie® Blanket, it is just not a fit for e...
As featured on HuffPost Mars.  Venus.  Pluto.  Real estate virtually out of this world, literally.  For some of us, out-of-space travel is merely an unfulfilled fantasy.  However, Zayden Wright was able to "blast off", all thanks to the virtual reality technology that is becoming more common plac...
Featured in RealtorMag. In the film,Transformers, I love how Bumblebee and the other Autobots come to the aid of humans in style (yellow Camaro with racing stripes and what-not's). Well, auto-bots are not just for the movies!   AutoBots aren't just for the movies anymore! As a real estate pro, yo...
As featured on HuffPost. Here is the shocker: There is no one DISC personality type that cannot succeed in residential real estate sales. Did that make your brain go tilt?  Some say that only particular types of personality will do well in sales, whether real estate or otherwise.  For those who ...
Featured in Inman News As partially excerpted from Plan to Win. “I don’t know why they went with another agent,” complained an agent I had just started coaching. Let's call him, "Learner Larry". Instinctively, I asked Learner Larry to go through his listing presentation with me.  I cringed as he...

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