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Grow your real estate sales with these helpful tips from Lee Davenport.
I know we all hate those moments when we forget a client's home anniversary or some other special day. Well the app Timehop can help you stay in touch better.  Timehop AUTOMATICALLY alerts you to events, text messages, emails, and photos that are good throwbacks and connecting points to build rel...
  And why it's such an excellent companion to customer relationship management Originally written for and published by Inman News.   Social media is just one more way that agents can connect with their clients, prospect for new clients and keep up with old clients. It sounds easy, but with all o...
Originally written for and published by HuffPost Wondering why your home has yet to sell? As a seller, I know you probably love your home, or at the least had some great memories there. So you may think all you have to do is pop a lawn sign in your yard, have your REALTOR make some posts online,...
Originally written for and posted on Does selling on social media intimidate or frustrate you?  I can understand if it does.  You may have only one or various social media accounts because you want to promote your real estate sales business.  You do the conventional, obligatory thing...
Originally written for and published on Inman News   There’s been a great deal of discussion about the following factors jeopardizing the livelihood of real estate agents and the longevity of real estate being a viable career choice: Marginal agents destroying real estate’s reputation The declin...
Originally written and published for Inman News There are plenty of voices on social media, so how do you make yours stand out? Various techniques abound that can sometimes be a hit and sometimes be a miss, such as hosting contests, paying to promote your posts, etc. But one sweatless, free way ...
Real estate sales is one of the most exciting and lucrative careers around but the road to success is not always readily ascertained.  Have you found this to be true?  I have firsthand experience of the bumps, potholes and detours along the way - ha! I decided to get my sales license after years ...
Originally written for and published by Professional website? Check. Realty firm business cards? Check. Access to the home you are interested in? Check. Those are typically the signs that you are working with a credible real estate agent, right? Not necessarily! Unfortunately, this S...
Our buddies at the National Association of REALTORS® found that REFERRALS, REPEAT business and the INTERNET are the top three ways that agents generate leads.  Referrals are typically new clients that heard someone else "singing your praises" about your effectiveness as a real estate agent.  Rep...
Originally written for and posted on Lights, camera, action!  It is hard to ignore the audience reach and marketability of creating and using videos in today’s mobile and social age.  I am sure within the past week you probably have clicked on at least one online video, whether f...

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