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This site is an opportunity, and your "go to" place, to get important questions answered about your own real estate concerns or problems. If a question is best answered by attorney or an accountant, we will so advise you seek one. Otherwise, if you are looking for advice on the purchase or the sale of your property, you'll find our information helpful and responsive. We look forward to hearing from you and addressing your particular concerns.



  What is the press talking about?From my desk,  and with input of Countrywide Home Loans  Over the past several months the "press" has been reporting both on TV and the papers that the housing market is falling and now is not the right time to purchase a home. I continue to be fascinated by thes...
The last few days have been hard in the stock market, but that has translated to improved mortgage rates.  Bad news is good news for those in Real Estate!Here's a sample of today's rates, 0+1, with escrows.  These are subject to vary based on loan amount, occupancy, credit quality and other facto...
For the First Time Homebuyer  When you set out to buy your first house, you certainly want to buy a piece of real estate you can consider to be "home" and not just an investment. At the same time, the best real estate purchase is one that can fill both of these roles.  So, when you begin the sear...
 From my desk..Dean Davidson  - 5 Star Best in Client Satisfaction Award 2007 Any profession is an occupation which, by its nature, requires a high degree of training, specialized study, and contiuing education.  Like the medical, leagal, and accounting professions, it is not all learned in books...
Pricing and Marketing Value     The truth up-front!                FACT:  Buyers determine the market value of your home, not you and I!  The time to tell you this is right now, not after your home has been on the market for months and you have finally received a ridiculously low offer.  Some thi...
  Union County and Charlotte Area a Real Estate BonanzaPeople in the Northeast are finding a home purchase bonanza in the Charlotte, NC market.  First of all,  the job market in the area is greatly enhanced by the presence of large banking institutions, like Bank of America, Waxhovia and B B & T,...
From my Newsletter 08/2007Real Estate Corner...Q.  Could You Give Me A Few Tips For Selling My Home Fast and For Top Dollar?A.  If you're thinking of selling your home, how you "position" it can mean the difference between getting a fast, top dollar sale, and having it sit on the market for a lon...
Everyone, at some point in time, is going to be, or has been involved in a real estate transaction. With the exception of the purchase of homes in a new construction community,  very seldom are tworeal estate transactions just alike.  This is one key reason why most people use a Realtor.We hope y...

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