mls: STAGING: "IF IT'S TRUE IT AIN'T BRAGGIN' " - 03/18/13 04:06 AM
Isn't That a Quote Football Coach and TV Announcer Don Meredith was Famous for?..."If it's true it ain't braggin'. "  Well, something like that, anyway.
"Staging:"  Somewhere Between Braggin' n Lie'n?I'm all-in for staging.  I help pay the cost of an initial consult by my staging colleague.  But, I've had some challenging reactions to "staging." The word, as much as the act.
I am a realtor in a ranching area, having moved here from the east coast. I would describe the culture here as "proudly WYSIWYG." In fact, any one around these parts who isn't a WYSIWYG person may as well just hunker down over yonder … (0 comments)

mls: OUR HOME PRICES UP 9%! BUT VALUES AREN'T. HUH?! - 05/06/12 05:29 AM
by Lee Alley. Find your Black Hills dream home at Rapid City Search .com
Black Hills MLS Home Prices Up 9% Since 2008.  But Values Aren't.  Why?! I discovered a big surprise in our Rapid City housing market trends.  And you may find it in your market, too.  
When I discuss list price in competitive interviews with prospective clients, they want to list their homes for more because—as the local news shows keep saying. . .  “Home prices are moving UP!”  And most of us agents have believed that, too.  Me included.
But whoa, just a minute.  It occurred … (2 comments)

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