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Grab this Headline Animator Here we go with reasons 11-15 for having a Life Events Legal Plan. I would encourage anybody who is serious about their business to put together their top 101 reasons people would do business with you. If nothing else it is a reinforcement of why you believe in what y...
Grab this Headline Animator  Getting quick legal help was probably the last thing on the mind of the employee that got robbed and pistol whipped in the check cashing store in Los Angeles the other day. If you check the news you'll see and hear for yourself that this tragic event was definitely s...
We'll continue with reasons 6-10 of the 101 Everyday Reasons to have a life events legal plan.6. Your parents die and leave you executor of their estate.7. You are tired of hidden fees at your bank.8. You have a retirement savings plan.9. You change jobs.10. You receive a speeding ticket
There are reasons we do a lot of things and own a lot of products or services. Rarely have I had anybody share with me 101 reasons to own anything. For the most part there are maybe five or ten reasons why we may need a particular product or service.Over the next several blogs I'll be sharing 101...
Is there a person in business who doesn't need prayer? I know many in the Real Estate business who need prayer more than ever. Oh, I'm not just saying that because of the market conditions today. Prayer is needed by everybody all the time. The Bible says we should "pray without ceasing." So it mu...
Have you ever wanted to be distinguished as the key person in you market? Have you ever thought about branding your name or your business? Well that's what most of us are doing on and off line. Our distinction in our profession is what sets us apart in the minds of those who would consider our se...
Some of the stuff we hear on TV is just seems so outlandish.  It's hard to believe the things that are happening in our society. If things continue to go like they have been, what will we do? Legal help is needed more than we think. Please click on this link FTC Protecting Personal Information. T...
Small business owners could be in a world of trouble if they were to get sued. They stand to lose substantially because it not only affects their business it may also affect them personally. They really do need legal help. Check the news paper and you'll see all the challenges that business owne...
↑ Grab this Headline Animator Can things change? Will things change? We've heard it said, "for things to get better we have to get better." Well many of us feel as though we've been getting better but circumstances don't seem to be changing that much. What's up? Perhaps is time to pray. I would l...
↑ Grab this Headline Animator Getting every edge we can is so important when you are in business for yourself or you're an independent contractor. What if you had an edge that nobody else had? What if you were able to do something so important for your clients that they would do everything but ki...

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