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If you were to get involved with a company today you might want to make sure they have a good plan to protect your non-public information. What I mean is the company you consider working for should have an Security Information Officer who has constructed and oversees a written policy to protect t...
So you made it through another weekend without needing any legal help. Congratulations! Do keep in mind that some people didn't. If you saw the news you realize that close to 30,000 people a day (and these are old stats) have their identity breached. It's identity theft that's frightening Americ...
How about a free Business Risk Assessment tool? You can use it for your your business or pass it on to a business client. It is absolutely free. All you have to do is request it by clicking here Below are some details about the tool. This Business Risk Assessment tool will generate a Risk Assess...
Many of the people here in AR are entrepreneurs. A couple of years ago I recorded a blog that encourages entrepreneurs in a very unique way. When you have a moment, listen to this short exhortation. It is not by coincidence that many entrepreneurs flounder for years and years. On this audio I sha...
Farming is a great way to get to know the people you eventually want to have list with you or become their buyers agent.  What do you do to make yourself different?  You can only talk about listing your home so many times.  Do you do anything special to offer assistance to the residents and/or th...
Accomplishing our goals is just part of the story when it comes to our business.  We're making a life not only for ourselves but we're helping the dreams of others come to pass at the same time.I've been in business for myself for nearly 30 years and the times I remember that have been the most r...
Kidz-n-Biz Project     Helping children is a big part of giving back to our community. This summer business owners in the Chino Valley have a great opportunity to participate with the “Summertime Kidz-n-Biz Project.” This project is designed to help children from the third grade to the eight gra...
Let April be the best month ever in your business. Notice I said "let" it... It's always been our choice to let God do what He's had in mind for us. Just like today is the day of salvation, it's the day of your business to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Here's a note for you. Salvation means...

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