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Let's face it we all have our minds on 2009. Some of us are wondering if we'll take more of a dive in the economy while others of us are thinking even if it does get worse, we'll do just fine. Well I am of the opinion that all will be fine in 2009. For over 30 years I have been involved in some s...
Something tells me that 2009 will be a year of great opportunity. I say that because of my faith in God and my firm belief in good things coming to those who wait. Many of us have been waiting for a long time for the right opportunity to come along. In really should say many of us have being prep...
Many of us here are married and have a great passion for business. The question is how do we balance the two. We certainly love our spouse and we part of the reason some of us work so hard is to provide a better way of living for our spouse and family. Here are a few pointers to keep your spouse ...
We have all heard of the internet gurus who are supposedly making money on the internet.  Is it true?  Do you think they are really making all the money they say they are? On December 12, 2008, "Get The Bar" just launched to the public through as an exclusive opportunity to declare their bid to m...
Is your Real Estate business at risk? How many of your clients are at risk?The right question to ask is, how much is your Real Estate business at risk? Before you risk a red cent, assess your own business with our free Real Estate business risk assessment tool.This Real Estate Business Risk Asses...
Monetizing the internet is what many of us have dreamed of. Finally a browser that is allowing the surfers participate in the profit. Their concept is sharing the profits with the surfers to insure they have more surfers than Google, Yahoo, Lycos or Ask combined. This amazing concept is so simple...
Free Real Estate Resources Check out this new online community I just joined for free, and get immediate access at no cost to thousands of pages, hundreds of hours of audio and video, and tons of real estate tools from 100+ of the top gurus in the world. When you register for free I think you, t...
In a sea of professionals in the same industry many of them know each other.  The ones in the same niche especially know who each other are.  It's time to look around and see who's still in the game.  Look around, who do you see?  Are the same people who started in this race with you still with y...
It often intrigues me how campaigns local and national latch hold of a slogan and drill it into the minds of people over and over again.  Even in our recent Presidential election both campaigns began to talk about change.  Of course the guy who started off with change as his campaign platform won...
OK, so we're doing things a little bit different than we anticipated.  Business has taken a turn in a great direction for some and for some a turn in a negative direction.  We have to ask ourselves, "if it's my business who is responsible for the ultimate direction it goes?"  Do we leave it up to...

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