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Mortgage and Lending - Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, Conventional Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA, 203(k), USDA, VA, - NMLS #138061 MMCD #1141
Avoid Industry Jargon with Clients       "Mr Borrower, we'll get the wet sig docs out prior to the LE and everything should be straightforward until the CD arrives.  Due to TRID you'll have to wait 3 days to close unlike back in the GFE/HuD-1 days.".  "In the meantime I'll read through the 1040's...
My Wallpaper This month's contest held by Dick Greenberg invites us to show the world our wallpaper.  On the surface, it's a pretty simple request, but in thinking about it and reading other submissions, I realized someone's wallpaper is the thing they want to see multiple times each & every day....
Thanksgiving Fundraiser & Food Drive       When I'm not doing mortgages, I'm almost always involved with planning or participating in & for my meetup group.  For those that don't know, is a site where you can find people with similar interests, and attend events of almost any type. A l...
TRID - Dream for Some, Nightmare for Others       I'm about to close my first TRID loan.  It was one of the cleanest, easiest loan processes in recent memory.  If you follow my blog, you probably noticed me beating the TRID drum for a few months before the new rule's implementation on 10/3.  This...
Advice to Mortgage Newbs       You're new to the mortgage business?  I'm sorry!  You've entered an industry plagued with over-regulation and guidelines that make no sense.  A place where you can put your heart, soul, and sweat into a deal that takes years off your life, and then POOF!  It's gone ...
Appraisers - Do Your Job       I don't ask for much from the people I work with and rely on to help get a transaction to the finish line.  All I expect is for people to do their jobs, but more & more, I'm seeing appraisers that fail to do that.  It's amazing that when I order an appraisal for a r...
Have you missed ActiveRain contests?  Unfortuantely I missed the Brivity contest, but I'll definitely be participating in this one.  I'm glad they're back and hope the contest train will keep on rolling through the holidays!  For newer AR members, the monthly contests are a great way to keep cons...
Unless...  You MUST be in a new home 6 months before you can take cash out with conventional financing... ...unless it's an inherited property, then you can waive the 6 month requirement  You MUST be in a new home 6 months prior to taking cash out... ...unless you meet the provisions for delayed ...
Kat nails it.  For the Monroe, NY market, she's clearly the agent to call.  Sellers in all markets should take note to this material, though.  If a home's not selling, there's a reason.  Sometimes it's price, sometimes it goes beyond that.  What I like most is what she points out about property c...
FHA Misconceptions - Listing Agents, Read This       FICO score?  Doesn't matter.  Debt to income ratio?  Nope, doesn't matter, either.  Have documents been analyzed?  Has a thorough pre-approval complete with analysis of income, assets, and automated underwriting been completed?  NOW we're on to...

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