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The Right Loan for You is Wrong for Them       The negatively-amortizing Option ARM loan is the BEST loan product on the market.  Do you believe that statement?  Wasn't that the loan product that became the face of the mortgage meltdown?  The one that sold seniors on 1% interset rates and ate int...
Since comments were disabled on the original post, I thought I'd reblog what I'd have otherwise commented. I know AR needs $$ to operate.  Bringing on board sponsors is great.  What's not great, though (my opinion) is click bait to drive us to products that require we give out our info so that we...
I've seen a lot of people, especially those new to ActiveRain, ask "what are the benefits of ActiveRain, other than SEO?".  Well, I could write a list, or I could just share the blog below... (I'm an abject blogging failure. At the start of the year, I planned to post something once a week..........
Establishing Credit for Immigrants       When someone is new to the country, many times they are seeking their own personal American dream. This may include a lot of things, but often times, it involves home ownership.  Immigrants legally living and working in the US can obtain financing through ...
Having Debt Count Against You, When Someone Else Makes the Payment  **Update: As of May, 2017, Fannie Mae released updated guidance with regard to loans paid by an outside party --- for Conventional loans underwritten to Fannie Mae standards, if the lender can provide evidence that a non-borrowin...
Liz & Bill do a great job summing up the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage - while they focus on the Cincinnati area, this information is good regardless of the market you serve or are considering a mortgage in. A reverse mortgage can be a tremendously useful product for some individuals, but t...
I Did Something I NEVER Do       The market took a wild ride this week, brought us the lowest rates we've seen in quite a while (which inspired this blog), made the phone ring a few more times than usual, and opened the door for a few previous clients to knock PMI right off their loans (Winning!)...
With Rates Down, Here's What You Should Be Doing       It's been a little while since I've heard the term "refi boom", but that's what's being floated around this week as mortgage rates are once again knock knock knockin' on history's door.  With 30 year fixed rates in the mid 3's and 15 year rat...
Mortgage Companies Only Care About Money       At least that's what I thought.  Almost every day it seems there's another settlement between a bank and the department of Justice based on something done in the mortgage world that traded consumer trust for tremendous profits.  Let's face it, the bu...
Relocation Mortgage       When relocating, it's important to get a loan that works for you, from a lender that understands what you're dealing with.  While there is no specific 'relocation mortgage' loan that's a perfect one-size-fits-all, working with a lender that understands your needs, and ha...

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