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Mortgage and Lending - Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, Conventional Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA, 203(k), USDA, VA, - NMLS #138061 MMCD #1141
Thanks John!       Thank yous are a good thing.  I'm a huge fan of personal, hand written thank you cards, and saying thank you at every opportunity (and meaning it).  Throughout the course of a day, we do a lot of work for others - whether it's researching something, getting a loan funded, solvi...
Signal Hill (Long Beach, CA) Home Loans       Signal Hill, an incorporated enclave within the greater Long Beach/Los Angeles marketplace, is a town with a view.  Home to many residential and commercial buildings, Signal Hill has a rich history with a large role in the California oil industry.  It...
5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Love FHA       FHA gets a bad rep.  I've seen FHA offers turned away because a competing offer included conventional financing.  I've seen communities decline to push for FHA approval because of some kind of stigma associated with the program.  I've heard Realt...
Helping Borrowers Help Themselves       It’s no secret that the mortgage process can be a tedious one in today’s regulatory environment.  Underwriters can request (and re-request) documents, followed by explanations of those documents, followed by a paper trail to document those explanations.  So...
Why Are There So Many Appraisal Issues?       Is there a scarier part of the home buying/selling/lending process these days than the appraisal?  I'd be hard pressed to find one (OK, maybe the inspection, but that one is usually quick and painless, the appraisal process seems to leave us holding o...
 A "Quick" Trip Down the Coast         Yesterday was a wonderful reminder of the great many things I love about life in California.  August 1 marked a friend of mine's birthday, and knowing I'm one of the few people around as crazy as her, she asked if I would accompany her on a kayak trip in the...
Good Job HUD (Told ya So!)       Back in 2014, I was pretty hard on HUD in regard to the FHA loan program.  Annual PMI premiums at the time were 1.35% (a ripoff) and I felt it necessary to voice my opinion on the topic more than a few times.  In October, I wrote a mathematically driven blog about...
You Got My Attention.  You Won't Get My Business   "Hi Jon!", the email began. Ok, it's pretty easy to forget an 'h'.  A typo, perhaps. "I'm not sure you're still in the mortgage industry", she continued. "OH COME ON, IT'S ALL RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, ARE YOU THAT LAZY!?!?", I thought.       This w...
Another Cost of TRID - to the Consumer, of course       5 years ago, if you asked the public, "Would you like new rules, regulations, authorities, and processes that would mitigate your risk when getting a home loan?", the answer likely would have been a resounding "YES!".      If you asked the s...
Relocation Mortgage       When is a normal mortgage not a normal mortgage?  When the borrower(s) is/are relocating to a new area.  This is especially true when there is a job change for one or more borrowers.       Every mortgage loan is somewhat of a process, no matter how simple it appears on t...

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