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Great advice here.  Keeping our client relationships personal is so important.  Transactional business loses every time against a relationship based business.  In the past, I've let communication lapse, but since I've made an effort to reach out to past clients each & every day, it's paid off and...
Income VS Housing This won't be a long post, but I hope it's a strong one.  Here are a couple of stats I saw last week that raised my eye brows.    Year Median Income Median Home Price 2000 $28,164 $161,606 Now $29,124 $294,343  I also read that the national average for the price of a gallon of g...
Ringin' & Singin' with Liane Thomas       Yesterday, thanks to this month's ActiveRain "Ringin' & Singin" contest, I had the pleasure of speaking for the first time with Liane Thomas, a Realtor that's pretty local to me, just a county over.  I've followed Liane's blog for some time now, as I like...
Ringin' & Singin' with Beth Atalay       When thinking of who to call for this month's challenge, I tried to come up with people I've never spoken with in person before.  I was actually pretty shocked to realize I'd never had a person to person, voice to voice conversation with Beth - we've commu...
Tammy brings up a great point not just for Animoto users, but for anyone posting info to YouTube.  We need to know the copyright laws and how we're using material when we present it to the world. This is extremely helpful troubleshooting, and a good way to get past copyright hurdles that shouldn'...
Wonder what the importance of the "Rainmaker" tag is?  It goes beyond SEO.  It goes into exposure, and allowing people to see your work outside of AR.  It allows people to share, and allows your words to spread to many different places. While the standard 'Rainer' account is a great way to learn ...
Agency Direct Meets Great Rates       In the past, I've blogged extensively about the benefits of agency-direct mortgage products (loans sold direct to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae).  These products are a must-have for lenders that work with real estate agents to ensure less than perfe...
Why Get Client Testimonials? (It's not why you think)       Whether or not testimonials and reviews are important isn't up for debate.  It's clear that they are super important, and as the internet becomes the go-to resource for consumers shopping for real estate and lending services, testimonial...
Friday Market Wrap 1/8/16 - China VS Employment       The market place is ending the week fighting against itself.  We saw a pretty calm week with mild improvements to interest rates, but nothing to write home about.  What's really interesting is what's happening with the stock market, and how it...
Another one of a host of great blogs under the "Ask an Ambassador" tag that team Bliz put out weekly.  I like this one a lot, because it's something I continually wish more people would realize.  What we wrote in a short moment of thought may not be who we are - but readers don't know that.  What...

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