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Mason McDuffie Top 10 in Customer Satisfaction       Social Survey, an aggregator of customer satisfaction in the mortgage industry, has released their 2017 Top Performers, and I'm extremely happy (and not surprised) to see Mason McDuffie has been chosen as a top 10 mortgage company in the mid-si...
Jill does a great job laying out some food for thought on solar leases. This topic has become more and more important to residents of California and other places full of sunshine.  Solar panels have been made so easy to get, with solar companies promising the world, only for home owners to later ...
A Lovely Home Buying Experience      This month Lisa Von Domek invites us to share some of the more amorous transactions we've had the pleasure of participating in, and my first entry is a no brainer because it closed just 6 days ago.      A lot of people hate working with their friends and famil...
North View Escrow Santa Clarita, CA What:  An Escrow company in Santa Clarita, CA that seems to care not one iota for - proper communication, follow up, timely delivery of documents and updates, at least based on a transaction we recently worked on "together". Who:  Craig McGuire, an escrow offic...
What's in a Script?      The word script is something that pops up in just about every area of sales, coaching, and training in the real estate industry.  Top producers and trainers swear by using scripts for success.  Low producing agents are terrified of scripts.  What I've found, more than any...
The Fine Line Between Follow Up & Being a Pain in the Ass       Being a real estate agent (or a lender like myself, for that matter) is tough.  Not only do you have to do an exemplary job for your clients, be a problem solver, fire fighter, and customer service rep, but all of your work can be fo...
Mason Mac Gives Back      There are a lot of "community" lenders out there.  But what does that mean?  For me, it means being a part of a community.  When there's a problem, you're a part of the solution.  When people need help, you're a helping hand.  You do more than provide a service and cash ...
Bristol Tennessee VA Home Purchase      The JM Loans team recently just wrapped up a purchase loan for a couple relocating from Nevada to Bristol, Tennessee to spend their retirement years.      This client was in 2 groups that have become very common to work with for the JM Loans team - Veterans...
USAA - There's No Point in Looking Elsewhere.  Really?       Actually, their ad reads "Theres no point in looking elsewhere really".   I corrected it in my title for accuracy.  The photo seen here is an actual shot of USAA blowing smoke out of their "you know what".        This isn't a blog post ...
Opportunity      I am thankful for opportunity.  This was an easy one as I read Debbie Reynolds contest description from my office in San Ramon, CA.  Just a few months ago, my company, Mason McDuffie, offered me an opportunity to move to the Bay area to work as our company's corporate loan office...

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