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Mortgage and Lending - Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, Conventional Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA, 203(k), USDA, VA, - NMLS #138061 MMCD #1141
Recently Closed - Delayed Financing in Georgia      In mid-December I was contacted by a real estate investor in Georgia that had recently acquired a property in Atlanta in a cash purchase.  He had used cash to make a competitive offer on a property with some built in equity, and wanted to place ...
2017 - A year of health, wealth, fun, and giving back       The new year snuck up on me, and though I wasn't ready for it, it came anyway (hate how time doesn't care about my schedule!).  I am finishing up planning for the year, and though I'm a bit behind, a good January has me in the driver's s...
Recently Closed - Florida Bank Statement Loan      Recently, I received a phone call from an LO that needed some help with a client in Florida that was purchasing a home.  The client had a very specific need, with a lot of positive attributes and some negative aspects (in the eyes of an underwrit...
Mortgage Rates are at Historic Lows...But...      As 'gurus' across the land prepare and release their forecast for 2017, one thing is near the top of all the mortgage forecasts - rates.      Since the election of Donald Trump, rates have climbed and climbed substantially from the low-mid 3's to ...
Why You Need a Real Estate Agent      In today's world of buying and selling homes there are a plethora of viable options - online portals, discount brokers, pay-for-MLS services, and the old fashioned "DIY" method.  The traditional way of buying and selling real estate (hiring an agent) is still...
Christmas in the OC      This time of year brings a lot of change to Orange County, CA.  Warm autumn nights give way to chilly temps (all the way down to the 40's!) in the evening, days become shorter, retail lines become longer, traffic heavier, and streets a bit brighter thanks to the Christmas...
2017 FHA Loan Limits Announced      HUD announced today updated loan limits for the FHA loan program that will take effect for all FHA Case numbers created on or after January 1, 2017     As with the recent announcement on conventional loan limits, HUD has implemented maximum loan amount increase...
Conventional Loan Limit Increases for 2017      As expected, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac have announced that conventional loan limits are set to increase as of January 1, 2017.  Since rate increases on these programs are tied to median home values, this increase was expected, and is finally some rel...
Gratitude Day 3 - Good Health      To continue the theme of gratitude offered to us by Debbie Reynolds in this month's Thanksgiving contest, I was thinking today about how incredibly thankful I am for good health - for both myself and my loved ones.     In the past few weeks I've run a 10k obstac...
Gratitude, Day 2 - my team      With our 10 day gratitude challenge on day 2, I wanted to give some props to the team of people around me that allows my business to grow, my sanity to remain in tact (most days), and most of my days in a crazy industry to be good days. In-Office In my office I've ...

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