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Respect my Relationships       When doing a real estate transaction, my top priority is my borrower.  Nearly as important is their agent.  Also important to me is my relationship with the listing agent on a purchase transaction.  When everyone is on the same team, communicating, and working towar...
Joy hit this one out of the park!  It's often the smallest things that can have the biggest impact in our businesses & our lives, and reminding ourselves to help others and consider their position when we speak with them is something that is sure to improve many aspects of our lives.   Recently a...
No better way to get back into blogging than to jump into an AR contest!  This is a good one that's not only very doable, but one that, if done right, should product some great, "make the phone ring" content. It's Time to Get Back in the Groove Summer is coming to an end, the kiddos have started ...
How to Jump Back In to Active Rain      Monday Motivation, the Weekly Forecast, "Wednesday on the Hump", Friday Market Wraps - for a while, I was on fire here in the rain.  Hell bent on hitting the 500k point mark - and doing so before Nicole Doty - Gilbert Real Estate Expert ; ) - I was spitting...
Alan puts together a great piece that shows that even a seemingly complicated process like buying a home can be simplified by working with the right people and knowing what you're getting into in advance.   I'd add that in many, many marketplaces, buyers can buy with $0 down using USDA or VA loan...
If you're selling with FUD, you're a dud       I use the term 'dud' to avoid 4 letter words in a public forum.  Before I get too far into why FUD salespeople are basically the scum of the earth, let's discuss FUD.       Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.  These are 3 factors that drive sales in many c...
Helping Veterans - More than just Lip Service       Tons of lenders out there are ALL about supporting our nation's veterans.  Especially when the ability to profit from them with VA loans is there.  "Thank you for your service!" is the most common phrase, along with marketing schemes for "No mon...
Trended Credit Data & How it Affects Financing       Trended credit data is finally here! don't seem very excited.  Ok, 'trended credit data' isn't exactly a sexy phrase, but it's one that will change the industry in the very near future with the upcoming release of a new DU (desktop...
How better to learn than from the best?  I've listened to 2 of these podcasts and they're golden - great insight from industry people that are actually out there DOING things, not just TELLING you how to do them.     Each week, we have been interviewing people in the real estate industry and gett...
Editing       As an English major, I've always been accustomed to having my written work edited.  Peer review, professional editing, and even doing a second (or third..or fourth) take myself are all ways I've caught errors, improved works, and put a best foot forward.  In real estate, editing isn...

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