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What’s the Best Loan Product for You?      Most times when I get a phone call and the person on the other end is asking for a rate quote, they want the “30 year fixed” option.  While there’s nothing wrong with that type of loan, it doesn’t make much sense for a lot of people.  It also inspires me...
The Dodd-Frank Overhaul Begins Disclaimer:  Unless you've been living under a rock, you know anything mentioning the President's name is going to cause back and forth between Democrats and Republicans.  This is NOT a political post, but a commentary on Dodd-Frank legislation, its effects, and why...
Arlington VA Home Loans       Arlington County VA is an affluent area just outside of the District of Columbia.  It is the 2nd largest city area in the Metro DC region and home to many venues of historical significance, including Arlington National Cemetary & memorials for several branches of our...
Recently Closed - Delayed Financing in Middletown DE      In Middletown, Delaware, a client found my name online when looking for options on taking cash out on a home recently purchased with cash.  During the purchase process, she had attempted to get a loan but needed a quick turn time.  Despite...
Community Guidelines: What's the Point?      I recently wrote a blog about ActiveRain's guiding principles and the responsibility we have as users of the site & members of the community to maintain the platform, improve the platform, and ensure the platform maintains value for consumers and our f...
Weltenschauung Principle #1      If you've been hanging around ActiveRain this past month, chances are you've seen this crazy 'W' word floating around.  Usually once a year, we're invited to review, reflect, and write about the Weltenschauung of ActiveRain, or the guiding principles that make the...
Alexandria VA Home Loans      Alexandria VA is located just miles outside of Washington DC, sitting along the Potomac River.  Home buyers in the Alexandria area have a wealth of mortgage products to choose from, so it's important they work with an experienced professional when deciding which loan...
Ringin' & Singin' with Sharon Paxson      Thanks to this months Ringing & Singing contest, I was able to catch up with a friend I hadn't spoken with in far too long - Sharon Paxson .  Sharon has been a long time mainstay here in the rain, currently atop the Newport Beach, CA leaderboard by a wide...
Anaheim Ducks with my Little Brother      For the past couple months I've been hanging out with my new little brother, Miguel.  Miguel and I were matched up through the Orange County Big Brother/Big Sister network, and we've had a blast.  So far we've spent time out at Boomers, a local entertainm...
An Open Letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren      Donald J Trump was inaugurated today as America's 45th President, whether you like it or not.  As a disclaimer, I'll say I did not vote for Trump, would have preferred another candidate (I also wasn't "with her") and thought that the choices this ye...

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