Seller nets more, buyer buys more at the same payment and the Realtor makes commission off full asking price.  Sounds great right?  Well it can actually happen like that. Let me ask you this.  Have you ever had a buyer that really needed just a little more in sales price to get what they needed o...
SunTrust Mortgage's Credit Management Team decided to follow Fannie Mae's guidance for Conventional and Government (traditionally underwritten and AUS processed) purchase originations, and SunTrust followed HUD's guidance saying that, "Loss of employment due to company closings or reductions in w...
For those of you who don't listen to the TBWS daily, they talked about this seminar this morning.  Here's the information on it! I just wanted to pass it on! This is an invitation only class where you will see how 2 guys are having banks write them checks (big ones). Very clever strategy that is ...
If you didn't get a chance to read my blog about QRM, please check it out.  Seriously folks, this is affecting your clients which in turn affect your business.   The feds are working hard to reduce mortgages to the big 4 banks.  And do you remember when those big banks wanted to sell Real Estate?...
One of the biggest mistakes in our industry is spending big bucks on advertising to make the phone ring and then blowing it by not fielding the calls well. Usually when the office phone rings, it is answered by someone who has no sales training, no negotiating or telemarketing skills, no incentiv...
Please take just a short few min to watch this video explaining what the government is doing behind the scenes while no one is watching.   If this takes place you can expect a large number of businesses to close and a lot of people out of a job.  And unfortunately, this will affect a lot of peopl...
FHA CHANGE ALERT!!!!!!!!!FHA is at it again. The first change is to the annual MIP. Effective April 18, 2011, FHA will be increasing their annual MIP by .25. So what does this mean to you? This means your buyers payment will increase and they may no longer qualify for the loan they originally wer...
In case your loan officer hasn't complained to you or you haven't heard about it through the grapevine, the government is getting ready to dictate what a loan officer can make and what they can pay.   Frank and Brian did a great little snippit on their video.  It is looking like loan officers wil...
There is nothing more frustrating than working with a buyer who insists on writing low ball offers on properties just so they can say they got a great deal.  But are they really? What about the buyer that really needs to buy just a little more house but just can't afford it?  Or can they? But let...

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