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  Today will go down in the history books for years to come, as the day the United States Government stepped in and took over operations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which hold nearly half of the mortgages in the United States. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson noted in a press release today tha...
We are hearing about the shutdown of wholesale mortgage operations at Wachovia, with a Press Release due out at 1:00pm EDT. This morning, we received the following: "Wachovia wholesale is shutting down today. Press release at 1PM." "All us reps were told this morning by top managment that wholesa...
There has been a lot of talk the past week and a half on Wall Street and through the United States Government about "solvency" issues that Fannie Mae- the Federal National Mortgage Association- and Freddie Mac may be experiencing, the "what if's" were they to collapse without the Government "bai...
    "Short Sales" are a hot topic right now, as homeowners, homebuyers, real estate professionals and lenders simply can't avoid them in today's real estate market. Existing homeowners are calling their lender to see if a short sale is the right "exit-strategy" for them, with little money left to...
Are you looking to refinance a home in Chico, California? If so, feel free to give me a call! My name is Scott Gormley, Broker/Owner of Oak Valley Mortgage and I thank you for considering Oak Valley Mortgage to represent you in one of the largest decisions of your life! We offer home purchase,ref...
Are you looking to purchase a home in Chico, California?If so, feel free to give me a call. I have a great network of local real estate professionals to help you through the home purchase and loan process. My name is Scott Gormley, Broker/Owner of Oak Valley Mortgage and I thank you for consideri...
Conforming Home Loan Limits in Orange County, California have temporarily increased from: $417,000 to $729,750 until December 31st, 2008Do you fit into the box of what banks are looking for?Here's the checklist. If you can answer yes to all these questions, call me!You're currently in a mortgage ...
 What is the "liquidity crisis" and why does it exist?Across most of the country, Fannie and Freddie currently purchase loans of $417,000 or less from lenders, and repackage these so-called "conforming" mortgages into securities sold to investors. Investors generally trust that these securities w...
   Are you wondering what is going on with the expected increase in the Conforming Loan Limit set to take place through the " Economic Stimulus Package" signed by President Bush last month? A chock full of information was released today as to how the "Economic Stimulus Package" and increase in Co...
 Being young in the Real Estate/Mortgage Industry is hard...Being young in the Real Estate/Mortgage Industry is challenging... I hear it all from associates that are my age...There is a stigma about being young and having to prove one's worthiness to clients that are older than you...Why? Everyon...

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