big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: It's Not Too late To Look - 03/20/10 01:34 AM
But it's going to be, very soon!
Anyone interested in buying property or in building doesn't have much time left to see "the lay of the land." Trees are barely budding but, in a month, when the leaves have unfurled, it will be too late to get a good sense of the topography or to site buildings.
People tend to think of winter as a period of hibernation but it's actually the best time to look at land. There's rarely more than a dusting of snow, or a few inches at most. Winter's over, though, and it's early spring in middle … (4 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Take Your Tack To Jay's Leather - 03/19/10 12:27 AM
The Big South Fork area in Jamestown, Tennessee is horse country, all right. And with horses comes….as every horseman knows….repairs to leather tack! But WHERE do you take your tack and equipment when it needs to be repaired?
Not to worry. You take it to Jay Beauman in Muddy Pond. Jay certainly knows his trade; he is a third generation leather worker. He's 27 now and has been working in his father's shop since he was 15. The Muddy Pond Mennonite community is known for its sorghum mill, for the sheds, gazebos and porch furniture produced by its wood workers and … (2 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: An Unlikely Landmark! - 03/18/10 12:32 AM
The Spruce Creek equestrian community is located at the west entrance to Big South Fork National Park, almost equidistant between Jamestown and Oneida, Tennessee so Spruce Creek residents will travel to one town or the other, depending on the nature of their errands.
To get to Oneida, you head east on State Highway 297, also called "Leatherwood Ford Road." If you've never been there before, you'll likely ask directions to wherever you're going and the answer will likely be, "When Third tees into Alberta Street, you'll see a palm tree straight ahead..."
A WHAT?? Tennessee is temperate, not tropical, so that … (7 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Buying Bedding For The Barnyard - 03/15/10 11:03 PM
Big South Fork is horse country and most of the local realtors advertise themselves as "Equestrian Specialists" or say that they are "Specializing in Equine Properties." In this case, actions speak louder than words because buyers who are looking at horse properties are going to ask LOTS of questions, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area, so they need a realtor who not only lists horse properties but who knows horses and who can answer those questions.
Buyers are turning information over in their minds, assessing what it would be like to live here. When you have developed a support … (8 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: What A Pleasure A Well-Marked Trail Is! - 03/11/10 10:27 PM
We at Tennessee Recreational Properties mainly list and sell horse properties since the Big South Fork is such a destination for trail riders. That means that we need to know our stuff, to be thoroughly familiar with the locations of various trailheads and where properties are located relative to trails in the national park.
And we are…because WE RIDE!
I was recently given a map of the trails in an equestrian community that I was not familiar with, so I made it a point to go and ride the Ridge Top trails in order to provide first-hand information to customers and … (6 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Telling The Truth About Local Horse Campgrounds - 03/07/10 09:49 PM
Big South Fork National Park is a destination for trail riders from all over the east coast, and with good reason. The trails are wonderful and there are a number of horse campgrounds in proximity to the park that offer accommodations for visitors.
Many riders plan their vacation well in advance because the campgrounds are booked on the best weekends, of course. Each campground has its own character and the best way to decide if you want to commit is to go to Horse Trail Directory ( click on a particular this case, Tennessee...and read the reviews of what other campers … (6 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: This Cabin Has Something For Everyone! - 03/06/10 01:29 AM
At first, you think this is just another cabin in an area renowned for its fabulous trail riding. Wilderness Resorts in the Station Camp area of Oneida, Tennessee, is renowned for the opportunity to vacation in fully-furnished log cabins. Each is tucked away on beautiful wooded sections throughout the resort, creating convenient trail access directly from your cabin into Big South Fork National Park, and the privacy you'd expect from a log cabin in the woods. With this cabin, Blueberry Knoll, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Use it when your schedule permits and cover its costs; this … (2 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: What is THAT Thing? - 03/02/10 10:08 PM
When you're trail riding through the Big South Fork National Park here in Jamestown, Tennessee, you will very often see pipes sticking up at odd angles….so many pipes in so many places that you wonder what they are…or were…or why they're there.

They are natural gas wellheads. Unlike oil wells, a natural gas wellhead is a series of valves that direct the gas down the appropriate gas pipe line to a tank where it is accumulated and held for pickup.
During the 1970’s and 80's, there was a wildcat boom to tap the natural gas and oil found in the … (6 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Big South Fork Will Be Your Big Back Yard! - 02/27/10 12:51 AM
How would you like to have 125,000 acres as your big back yard? (with no yard work to do!) From here, you're literally two minutes by horseback from the Cumberland Trailhead into Big South Fork National Park ...measured in yards, not miles.  This is a major trailhead; start out in one direction or another and that trail will "T" into another trail. It's probably as centrally located as you can get for riding the Big South Fork.

This cabarn (cabin/barn combination) is a common building style here, built to be functional, not fancy. It's comfortable and has everything you need, … (3 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Jeff's Glass...Get Out Your GPS - 02/25/10 10:17 PM
One of the things I like about living out here by the Big South Fork in Jamestown, Tennessee is the little family businesses you find, off the beaten track, tucked away here and there. Jeff's Glass is one of those. Last year, I bought a wooden crate at The World's Longest Yard Sale. It's a lettuce crate from California and it has an attractive red label in very good condition. I wanted to stand it on end and set a piece of glass in it to protect the label, so I got the street address for the local glass place and … (7 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Best Friends Sanctuary Befriends Animals in Distress - 02/22/10 10:28 PM
Best Friends Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping animals in Jamestown, Tennessee and surrounding Fentress County, an area that has no shelter or county-run "dog pound." Most of the animals have been abandoned in rural areas and there is a tremendous need for this service.
Best Friends rescue program is designed to help cats and dogs who are homeless find permanent homes. They are taken in by volunteers who provide foster care until they can be adopted locally or transported to a no-kill shelter out of state. They have placed all of the animals that have been sent but … (6 comments)

big south fork tennessee: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Now This Is a "Faller Downer!" - 02/20/10 10:21 PM

How many times have I driven past this old barn and not even seen it? The light conditions must have been just right last week, late in the afternoon on a rainy-ish day. It had been fairly warm but the thermometer suddenly plunged, with fog forming due to the difference in the temperature of the ground and the temperature of the air.
Suddenly, there it was, just begging to be photographed. It's here at the Big South Fork, between Oneida and Jamestown, Tennessee.
This is the kind of lovely old barn that defines "country living," replaced in so many places … (13 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Dare To Be Different - 02/18/10 10:08 PM
We at Tennessee Recreational Properties planned to "launch" our new webpage on March 1st, to coincide with a full-page ad in The Trail Rider magazine, due out at about that time.
We've had several long "brainstorming" sessions and we know two things....what we want and what we don't want!
We've scrutinized other ads and other websites and we KNOW that we don't want to do what everyone else is doing. We don't follow the herd, so we won't be blatting about building your dream house on that perfect horse property. And we won't have any fake-looking barnboard siding, no barbed wire, … (3 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Going Through The Gorge - 02/14/10 10:04 PM
The Big South Fork National Park here in Jamestown, Tennessee has become increasingly popular as a destination for trail riders from all over the eastern half of the country…with good reason!
Depending on where you come from, though, you may not know about "going through the gorge" to get here! Big South Fork is rugged country, which is part of its allure. The directions you download from Mapquest or the instructions you receive from your GPS will not tell you that, if you are coming from the east, through Oneida, you will be descending 600 feet into the gorge on a … (3 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: We're Confused! - 02/13/10 11:49 PM

Winters are mild in Tennessee...they are, really! Except for THIS winter! These pictures were taken yesterday, on Saturday, February 13th, an hour apart. The ground is saturated and water seeps through these rocks at Pickett State Park, forming fabulous icicles as the temperature hovers in the low 30's during this unseasonal cold spell.
But it's time to be thinking about spring, according to the calendar...and that's what this poor lilac bush is doing!
For information about Big South Fork real estate or horse properties in Jamestown, Tennessee, go to

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Hang Up Your Hat! - 02/12/10 11:58 PM
HANG UP YOUR HAT; you don't need to do another thing! This comfortable log cabin is right on the trail in the desirable Spruce Creek equestrian community. You don't even know it's there because you can't see it from the road, and you don't even notice it from the trail. It's on a quiet cul-de-sac side road with no through traffic and, still, only a convenient half mile or so from Highway 297.
The house sits in a grove of tall hemlocks, in a very private and serene setting, as you can tell by the view from the kitchen window. Relaxing … (6 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Where The Cost Of Living Really Is Lower! - 02/11/10 08:30 PM
Here in Jamestown, Tennessee, realtors' ads (mine included) say, "mild winters, low property tax, low cost of living…." It's TRUE, all of it! This is a very rural county so there aren't a lot of places to spend money and your dollar goes a long way.
It's horse country so how about this: you don't need to register your horse trailer if you stay inside the state of Tennessee, so that's free. There's so much wonderful riding here that you won't need to go anywhere else! It's $49 bucks annually to register your vehicle, an even $50 if you contribute a … (2 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: I Wish I Hadn't Done That! - 02/11/10 06:28 AM
Winters are generally mild in Tennessee, and short, so I thought that cold snap"blanketed" the country a few weeks ago was essentially the depths of our winter.
When I lived in Vermont, my horses were blanketed five or six months of the year. In the bad old days, turnout rugs were made of canvas with a felted wool lining and they took FOREVER to dry! It was necessary to have two for each horse; one to wear and one to throw over the treadmill to dry (which is probably the best use my former treadmill was ever put to!)
Technology … (10 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Homebuying Checklist For Horse Properties - 02/10/10 09:19 PM
When buyers come here to Jamestown, Tennessee to look at horse properties near the Big South Fork National Park, they may see as many as 10 or 12 properties in a day. It all starts to run together, no matter how good your notes, and it's hard to remember what you saw where.
On a cold, raw, rainy day, I decided to sit down and modify the standard checklist that realtors often provide to help their customers analyze the properties that they have seen. There are three columns; the first identifies the evaluation item. The second rates it on a scale … (16 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Planting Our Flag At The Summit - 02/02/10 09:44 PM
I've always worked hard and done well but, in spite of my record, listing and selling horse properties in the vicinity of Big South Fork National Park, I was not the #1 "Featured Realtor" in Fentress County and I wanted to know why. I discovered that realtors who posted to a blog on Active Rain accrued points and it was the realtor with the most points who was featured, in each county of each state.
Regional posts appear as "Localism" and reinforce the idea that you really know a lot about the area. Makes sense.
So…I blogged. And then I blogged … (9 comments)

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