big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: No Rest For The Weary! - 10/28/09 05:56 AM
Some months ago, riding acquaintenances from Vermont looked me up when they considered relocating to the Big South Fork area in Jamestown, Tennessee. They subsequently planned a trip and I recommended that they stay at a lovely bed-and-breakfast, the Wildwood Lodge, just up the road. And what would a trip to Tennessee be without a ride on a Tennessee Walker? So...I took them riding.
They said that they had never ridden gaited horses and did not know how. "What's to know," I said, "get on!"  After the first ride, they had grins from ear to ear. It was such a pleasure … (2 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Even This Cat's A VOLS Fan! - 10/23/09 01:25 AM
I recently wrote a post about the University Of Tennessee football team, the VOLS, and the incredible support they enjoy in this part of the country. It was inspired by some amusing pictures I took, after realizing how many things in this area are orange-and-white, the team colors.

I came down the pet food aisle in Walmart the other day, here in Jamestown, Tennessee, and just had to laugh when I saw this endcap display of clothes for dogs, all in the distinctive VOLS orange and white! My Siamese cat, Tazz, wears a harness and walks on a leash so...I couldn't resist!
Judging … (4 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: This GEM Car Is The Right Tool For The Job! - 10/21/09 01:14 AM
This car is certainly the right tool for the job, according to rangers at the Bandy Creek camping area in Big South Fork National Park here in Jamestown, Tennessee. It clearly is some sort of environmentally-friendly car and what better place for a super-efficient "green car" than a national park! 
It's called a "GEM Car" because it is made by a division of Chrysler called Global Electric Motors, which is headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota and which has been in operation for ten years. They weren't "street legal" until 1998 when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) designated a new class … (1 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: No Horses On The Grass? No Way! - 10/20/09 12:58 AM
Occasionally, visitors to the Big South Fork area get lost while they are out riding and may end up traveling along the road, trying to get back to wherever they are staying. Sometimes riders may need to consult a map or tighten a girth. If so, the right of way is their "breakdown lane."
There has been a proliferation of "Horses Keep Off The Grass" and "No Horses On The Grass" signs in this area in recent months. Big South Fork National Park is considered the best trail riding east of the Mississippi and is called "The Trail Riding Capital of the … (8 comments)

big south fork tennessee: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Making Sawdust On Sawdust Lane - 10/18/09 01:06 AM

There is a Mennonite community in Muddy Pond, south of Jamestown, Tennessee in the Big South Fork area that is well known for wooden lawn and porch furniture.
One of the woodworkers there obviously has a sense of humor, since he's obviously making sawdust on Sawdust Lane!

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: You're Either Making Dust or Eating It! - 10/15/09 12:19 AM
You may have seen that slogan on a teeshirt; it's considered "Cowboy Wisdom." Well, it's pretty much of a true statement and can certainly be applied to the world of real estate.
Gone are the days when realtors went to a real estate office and waited for customers to walk in. Now it's all about getting the customers' attention through some form of media. I am literally a few minutes from Big South Fork National Park in Jamestown, Tennessee, which is a destination for trail riders. People who live within a few hours come on weekends and others trailer their horses … (21 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Ladies Who Lunch - 10/08/09 12:12 AM
Because I mainly list and sell horse properties near the Big South Fork National Park in Jamestown, Tennessee, I ride with a variety of "horse ladies" and we usually bring LUNCH! The scenery is breathtaking and there are many beautiful places to stop and eat.
There are hitching rails throughout the park where you can tie your horses and take a lunch break before continuing on. This wooden bridge is one of our favorites. Our horses wade across the stream but this is an intersection of hiking trails so the footbridge is used to get hikers from one side to the … (9 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: The Sorghum Story - 10/07/09 12:32 AM
There is a Mennonite community in the Big South Fork area, south of Jamestown, Tennessee in Muddy Pond that  is known for three things: wooden sheds, gazebos, lawn and porch furniture, a leather shop that makes saddles and harness and does repairs and a sorghum mill.
Sorghum looks like corn but it reaches heights of 13-14 feet and develops a distinctive reddish head. Most people know of sorghum as a major cereal crop, along with wheat, corn, oats and barley. Sweet sorghum is another variety where the stalks of the plant are harvested rather than the seeds, and crushed like sugar … (6 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Don't Wait To Buy Land...Buy Land And Wait! - 10/05/09 11:31 PM
If you're thinking of making a trip to the Big South Fork in Jamestown, Tennessee to buy land, don't wait! All summer the foliage made it impossible to see "the lay of the land," but now...with the leaves coming off the is the perfect time to think about looking at property!
Baby Boomers and others considering retirement are eyeing Tennessee for a number of reasons, among them four distinct seasons with mild winters, low property taxes, no state income tax, low cost of living and low crime rate. There's breathtaking scenery in Big South Fork National Park and a myriad … (5 comments)

big south fork tennessee: Speechless Sunday: Like Mushrooms After A Rain - 10/04/09 12:47 AM
You may remember that the middle part of the country had about 10 straight days of rain last week...all that flooding in Atlanta. Once the sun finally reappeared, I was out riding in Big South Fork National Park, Tennessee and I saw these bright orange mushrooms growing at the base of a tree. The ground was certainly sodden and I'm sure conditions were perfect for a proliferation of strange flora!
For information about Big South Fork real estate or horse properties, go to

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Spruce Creek Cabarn With 5 Acres, Right On The Trails! - 10/03/09 01:20 AM
This is the bargain of the century! Here's a five-acre parcel in the desirable Spruce Creek Acres equestrian community with a cute cabarn, set back from the road in a pleasant setting. Spruce Creek's "Evergreen Trail" borders this property and it is a mile and a half from the Cumberland Trailhead into Big South Fork National Park, with it's breathtaking scenery and hundreds of miles of fabulous riding. 
Five acres is an exceptionally large Spruce Creek lot, so you'll have plenty of turnout or pasture. The cabarn is an efficiency apartment with a separate bedroom large enough to accommodate a Queen-sized … (6 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Equestrian Community; New Barn with 5 Acres - 09/26/09 01:21 AM
If you dream of re-locating to an equestrian community in Big South Fork, Tennessee, here's a new barn with 5 acres, just listed.
This generous parcel is comprised of three lots in the desirable Spruce Creek Acres equestrian community. Deeded trails take you right into the Big South Fork National Park, where you'll enjoy hundreds of miles more of fabulous trails and breathtaking scenery. Spruce Creek has a communal pavilion, with monthly potlucks held during the warmer months. It's easy to meet people here and find some riding buddies, with a very horse-oriented country lifestyle.
This beautiful brand-new barn was built on … (3 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Horseshoe Décor - 09/23/09 11:24 PM
With several equestrian communities near Big South Fork National Park in Jamestown, Tennessee, you can just imagine that horseshoe décor is popular. Some people buy equestrian-themed items from catalogs or websites; the materials at hand.
This is rugged country and horses are generally shod every six weeks or so. Shoes can be "re-set" several times but eventually, they need to be replaced. What do you do with all those used horseshoes? How about horseshoe decor; you'd be surprised at some of the creative ideas you'll see in cabins around here. The toilet paper holder is just the beginning!
You'll see … (8 comments)

big south fork tennessee: Gorgeous 10.71-Acre Parcel in Big South Fork Tennessee Gated Equestrian Community - 09/16/09 05:02 AM
This land is a piece of Heaven on Earth, right here at Rockhouse Ranch, Big South Fork's most prestigious address. Quiet country lanes wind through this private, gated equestrian community and the interior system of easy trails connect directly with hundreds of miles of varied trails in Big South Fork National Park itself. This generous parcel will easily accommodate house, barn and pasture. Breathtaking topography, level to rolling, with rock bluffs and a year-round stream at the back boundary. Protective restrictions are in place to ensure the long-term value of your investment and the environmental integrity of the surroundings. All parcels in Rockhouse … (2 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: Rails To Trails; Along The O&W - 09/09/09 11:50 PM
One of my favorite trail rides in the Big South Fork National Park is along the former railbed of the Oneida and Western Railroad, a ride we call simply "the O&W."  Defunct railbeds all over the country have provided thousands of miles, reclaimed for use as bike trails, hiking trails, walking trails, running trails and equestrian trails. 
In the early 1900s, large tracts of land rich with virgin timber and coal lay in what is now the Big South Fork National Park. The remote and rugged terrain from which these resources had to be extracted rendered them almost inaccessible. Both the Stearns … (5 comments)

big south fork tennessee: Big South Fork Tennessee; A Firepit Is A Way Of Life Here! - 09/08/09 08:57 AM
People come here largely for the climate and the outdoor lifestyle, so you can imagine that a firepit is a way of life here. With four distinct seasons, Tennessee is renowned for its long springs and long fall season, with many warm days and cool nights.
Almost every cabin has a firepit, which may simply be a circle of rocks. Seating may also be as simple as a circle of tree stumps. Most, however, have inexpensive plastic chairs that weather well and require no maintenance. Families enjoy sitting around the firepit in the evening and neighbors will often just drop by.

big south fork tennessee: Busy Labor Day Weekend in Big South Fork, Tennessee! - 09/06/09 05:37 AM
The horse campgrounds are full and there are alot of activities for campers going on this weekend. Everyone who has a seasonal cabin is using it, it seems, and the rental cabins are...rented. Everyone who has a friend living here in an equestrian community is visiting. The roads are full of horse trailers heading for various trailheads, and groups of riders pass by on the trail every few minutes.
Big South Fork National Park is big enough to accomodate all of this, without feeling crowded. It's a destination for trail riders, year round, but never more so than on a long … (2 comments)

big south fork tennessee: BIG SOUTH FORK TENNESSEE: What Is Horse Camping? - 09/02/09 02:00 AM
Horse camping has become really popular in recent years and you can find "horse campgrounds" all over the country now. There is a concentration of these horse campgrounds here in Jamestown, Tennessee, because this area has the best trail riding east of the Mississippi and is called "The Trail Riding Capital of the Southeast." The Big South Fork national park encompasses 125,000 acres and has hundreds of miles of trails, criss-crossing the Tennessee/Kentucky border.
The National Park Service concessionaires offer accommodations for campers and their horses at Bandy Creek Stables as well as at Station Camp in Oneida, Tennessee and Bear … (5 comments)

big south fork tennessee: Big South Fork's Black Bears: Bring Your Camera (And Your Common Sense!) - 08/29/09 03:47 AM
Last summer, I saw three bears. Actually...I think I saw the SAME bear three times! There has been an increase in bear sightings in the Big South Fork...because the bear population is increasing, with the species reintroduced to an area where it once thrived.
When European settlers began populating Tennessee in the mid-1700s, black bears were a common sight but, by the late 1800s, human encroachment had driven most of the black bear population from the area now known as Big South Fork.  Black bears had nearly been eliminated from the State of Tennessee by the 1900s due to loss of habitat, … (10 comments)

big south fork tennessee: Tennessee: Three Different And Distinct Places - 08/28/09 04:59 AM
Tennessee is actually three different and distinct places, each with its own regional flavor. Traveling from west to east, you'll find that Tennessee is divided geographically into distinct areas; western Tennessee, middle Tennessee and eastern Tennessee. Major cities associated with Tennessee are Memphis in the west, Nashville in Middle Tennessee, with Knoxville and Chattanooga in eastern Tennessee.
The Mississippi River marks the state's western border. As you move east, land begins to rise farther above sea level and rolling hills begin to take shape. The Tennessee River marks the division between west Tennessee and middle Tennessee, which is known for its … (3 comments)

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