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Ok Ok ---  we all know that it is no big deal to sell a mortgage without fees  ummmm   or points by up selling the interest rate but I think this Bank of America program I have seen all over the TV tonight should be understood. I have not seen first hand a B of A good faith estimate but I plan to...
I just recieved a call today from a client i did a jumbo interest only loan 3 years ago at a rate of 2.875%      wow  remember those rates?     My client told me they received a letter from their loan servicer explaining the new payment. It showed the current payment of 1500 per month would becom...
Very often while home at night the telephone rings and on caller ID it appears "private". Being a veteran in the mortgage business I typically answer these calls to see the level of talent that is soliciting myself and my customers. I am confident that these firms are either in house telemarketer...
There have recently been some class action lawsuits claiming loan officers were not paid overtime. I understand if the loan officer has a desk in an office he then must receive an hourly wage and a time card must be kept, paying overtime for any work over forty hours a week.At what point does an ...
ANSWER YOUR TELEPHONE --------- The hardest concept for new originators I hire is to be available. Have you ever called for telephone support for a computer or cell phone and get lost in voice mail? Have you ever tried to get a hold of a title company for a last second change and the phone just ...
Ok - Question for all you marketing guru's out there -------------I am currently looking for new office space. I am interested in comments, suggestions and results concerning paying a premium for office space with road signage. Anyone who has has experienced and can comment with results on making...

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