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Not sure how many of you have heard of this song, Cinderella. It's my girlfriend song that I share for only my 8 year old daugher, Claire and myself. It's a daddy - daughter song, HERE'S THE MOST AMAZING PART He had adopted two "princesses" from China. This is just a conviction for he and his dau...
"Good morning, Mary Beth. I'm Sarah Hurlbet, here to meet with you about a reverse mortgage." "Welcome, Sarah. Please come in!" Mary Beth said with a wary smile. Mary Beth poured me a cup of coffee, and we sat down at the kitchen table. She told me her husband died of cancer a month ago. With his...
Three Clients this week who want to buy. Each Has a House, that they'd have to bring money to close on if they decided to close; All 3 Clients have the money to bring and all have perfect credit. Three Different Decisions are the Same as the Story of the Three Little Bears. ALL TRUE STORIES!!! 1...
Gotta tell you.....there's nothing better than being a dad with a bunch of sons.  I'm one of those guys who actually prayed for sons before I even got married.  Well.....good, bad....and ugly.....here is one half of my family in all it's glory.  Sunday night is father-kid, cooking night.  I forg...
So I have this client who has a mortgage rate at only 4.25%.  The problem is that her loan is currently a 15 year amortization and her income has dropped substantially.  It's not forcing her and her family into foreclosure, but it is killing her.  She's locked in.  She's prevented from doing what...
2011 sucks! BIG TIME AND IN A BIG WAY!!!! I'm signing on some great recruits, but am seeing some great kids getting out of the business.  They're either leaving their current lender and switching companies or just saying sayanora baby!  Our industry sucks......and so it goes on and on and on and ...
Yippee....one more reason for me to love Illinois.  I guess we now have the highest prices in the United States now.  I'm really curious as to what determines what region has what gas prices?  For me, it's simply amazing that we have the highest prices.  Our average gas price is $4.27 PER GALLON!...
Geez, I've been trying to sign on most of the day and all I get is that stupid HTTP 404 error. Then, later I got server issues were being worked on!  You put a kink on my Monday morning routine.  If I'm a creature of habit, and I am, you screwed me up.  So here I sit on Monday night.  I'm thrille...
I love this shot.  I just had this taken right before Tessa went to bed.  She loves Otto and Otto loves Tessa.  He's a 140 pound Bernese Mountain Dog who loves being manhandled by 35 pound 3 year old.  Tessa just loves hanging with Otto.  In fact, I think she loves Otto more than all the rest of ...
OK....so it's not often that I will go along with all that estrogen.  However, there is so much estrogen going in this picture and all Three are looking in unison that I'd be remiss to not post this as a Saturday Favorite.  My wife probably isn't enthralled all of the time for me having 3 boys a...

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