lenders: Lenders....Great Net Compensation Mortgage Opportunities in Illinois - 02/09/09 01:19 AM

I'm the Regional Vice President of Cherry Creek Mortgage.  I am so grateful to the fact that I work at such a great company.  I have been blessed in the fact that I have signed on about 10+ branches in my short tenure as Vice President. 
Here's the deal....
1)  First, and what I feel is most important.  There is no culture IN ANY MORTGAGE COMPANY nationally that exists a Cherry Creek Mortgage.  We're a privatgely held company.  Needless to say, we're owned by a few great leaders, but priomarily by ex- U.S. Senator William Armstrong.  What makes us unique … (0 comments)

lenders: Lenders Suck... - 03/18/08 01:26 AM
I was at an event the other day and I heard one realtor talking to another realtor about a particular local lender.  The one realtor said that lender's suck.  I went on minding my own business.  The other realtors knew that I am lender and serve people within their office, but they didn't know that I was standing within earshot of a not to private conversation.  Later when one of the two realtors ran into me they were as nice as pie.  She shared her wo's about the particular lender and asked me my thoughts.  I gave my two cents and … (14 comments)

lenders: Loan Officers referring contracts to realtors - 09/25/07 04:48 PM
I saw a post not too long ago from a realtor who opposes loan officers giving realtors buyers to buy homes.  I'm curious...why would a realtor think that way?  One reason is that perhaps the realtor will feel "beholden" to the originator.  Another reason is possibly the realtor thinks that the loan officer screwed the homebuyer and that since now the L.O. only needs a contract, if the realtor cooperates with the lender, then they are "complicit" in the shady deal that takes advantage of a homebuyer.  Both are valid points.  However, I need to ask a couple of questions, but … (24 comments)

lenders: Loan officers....where are you????? 225,000 missing!!!! - 09/10/07 02:42 PM
Department of Labor has reported that over 225,000 loan originators have left the business since the implosion of mortgage lending.  This is great for those of us who want to stay and to work in the business.  We need to truly add value to our realtor referral partners if we're going to stay, grow strong and run over the next year....  In order to grow, we, as loan officers need to be experts in lending.  We need to be expert advisors.  We need to serve our partners and teach them how to serve and add value to our buyers, our realtors … (13 comments)

lenders: Shopping for Real Estate without being harassed by anyone....Home Scouting Report - 08/07/07 03:55 PM
Only a few companies in Illinois have this program.  This allows you to have the pictures, prices, addresses and directions of every MLS listing without being bothered by an agent or lender.  This allows YOUR AGENT and YOUR LENDER to help you without harassing you.  None of the Major lenders has this program.....Look at homesCompare property valuesDiscover home stylesDrive through prospective neighborhoods Take your time on line!
Between 2000 and 2004 the number of buyers using the Internet to aide in their home search has increased from 28% to 65%. Buyers expect to find detailed information online in the markets into which they want to move.
Ninety … (0 comments)

lenders: Death of Countrywide? I hope not..... - 08/05/07 04:00 PM
This week has been brutal to the mortgage industry.  Not only have we seen jumbo rates climb 1.125%, but we've seen the death of American Home Mortgaege.  American Home was a great and veritable competitor.  I've been one who never wishes harm to my competitors.  As long as we're all playing fair and by the rules, I have no issues with a good competitor.  Fraud and crooks are intolerable.  However, good companies need to be here.  Not only for the competition, but the who concept of iron sharpening iron.....
Literally....as I sign on to look at my daily blogs.....I read this blog....The … (14 comments)

lenders: Sub Prime & Alt - A Fallout....Worse before it gets better - REALTORS BEWARE!!!! - 08/01/07 02:26 PM
The subprime market continues to fall.  Although there are a ton of mortgage companies that offer sub-prime and Alt-A products...they all pretty much roll up to the same 4-6 wall street firms.  The problem is when Wall Street decides that it won't accept any more of these loans, then the lender who has that loan that needs to be sold has a major problem.  The loan originator and the realtor have a big problem because their homebuyer has a horrendous problem. 
The American Home Mortgage fiasco is just the latest of the problem companies.  I'm concerned that even though mortgage lenders … (17 comments)

lenders: The Saga Continues - American Home Mortgage is to lay off thousands - 08/01/07 02:02 PM
American Home Mortgage is laying off thousands of employees according to Originator Times.  Originator Times continues....
by saying....With the demise of the mortgage giant American Home Mortgage looming, the company admitted yesterday that is was unable to fund approximately $800 million in loans promised to borrowers Monday and Tuesday.  Loans that were not funded included retail loans and loans by their wholesale division American Brokers Conduit.   The Originator Times first broke the news that American Home was not funding new loans on Monday.   Late Tuesday, the company admitted that it was unable to fund loans on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  … (4 comments)

lenders: American Home Mortgage - Involutary exit of real estate lending?????? - 07/31/07 03:37 PM
MortgageDaily.com says that American Home Mortgage is facing liquidation.  Newsday.com says that AHM admits insolvency. 
Newsday.com says "In a move that sent shockwaves through the financial markets and left investors millions of dollars poorer, Melville-based American Home Mortgage Investment Corp. announced yesterday that it lacked the money to pay its lenders or the credit lines to pay its borrowers.It was the largest mortgage bank to face bankruptcy in a year of bad news for the mortgage industry, and the news that problems were not confined to high-risk lenders helped turn an early stock rally into a 147-point drop for the Dow … (12 comments)

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