success in the rain: Active Rain....Thanks for your patience - 08/11/13 11:02 PM
I was gone.....adios!  Sayonara!  Out of here!
3 Weeks to create a bad habit. My internet was down for two months at home and so I was gone from Active Rain.  Even when it came back up, I was sooooooo gone!
1 year later I made a pledge to get back in the game.  Since returning three weeks ago....
three different purchase referrals.... all from the rain!  Even last week on vacation, I blogged.  Active Rain works.....and what the heck was I thinking?
Thanks for not giving up on me.  I love being back!

success in the rain: When The Going Get's Tough...the Tough Start Blogging!! - 07/09/13 02:03 AM
So....Active Rain....I said that I'm back, and I am with a full vengeance.  When I left off (pre-sabbatical), I had 117 new transactions because of my time blogging, free associating and just throwing up into cyberspace in Active Rain.  Then....I had that divorce.  During the divorce things went well for most every lender.  Things are still going great for me even with the rates creeping up. 
However, in my short 1+ week back, I just received my first Active Rain application this week! 
I don't really NEED to be back, but in truth, if I'm thinking of my economic future,
I can't … (5 comments)

success in the rain: The Problem with Active Rain - 10/15/12 04:45 AM
I have done very little blogging this year compared to my prioir years on Active Rain.  I had 2 months of being just shut out because of the internet.  By the time that I got back....I had formed a bad habit.  Something kept nagging me and told me that I needed to get my ying yang back in the blogosphere. 
However, even away from Active Rain. and working on my business.....I kept getting deals.  I have written a number of posts about buying one day after a short sale.....
Yes, You Can Buy After A Short Sale....IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!   … (25 comments)

success in the rain: Active Rain Volume is the Key to Referrals - 07/19/12 02:47 AM
Over the last 2 weeks, I have received 7 calls from Active Rain for a mortgage.  That includes purchases and refinances.  I'm blown away and, quite frankly, it's quite amazing.  In any event....I got to thinking that it really stuns me for one reason in particular.
I have been very inconsistent in my Active Rain best. Most people know that an electrical storm totally fried my internet at home.  It took 2 months for it to get back up properly (without 5 minutes for a page to load).  It takes 3 weeks to create a habit.  Two months without home … (59 comments)

success in the rain: When a Fire Comes....RUN TOWARDS IT!!!!! - 05/03/12 01:47 AM
So, I'm thinking that this year is all about change.  It's huge!  If we are going to go from good to great true and real change needs to occur.  Change can't be "feel good, esoteric crap.  A great friend of mine....Rich Brennan, founder and coach at The Brennan Method said that you need to....
RUN TOWARDS THE FIRE.... One is thing is conflict.  Most people hate it.  I do think that it serves it's purpose.  I remember hearing that Thomas Edison, when his barn that had all of the inventions burned down, called his kid(s) and said "come on out here … (7 comments)

success in the rain: THE ULTIMATE ACTIVE RAIN MILESTONE - - - 100+ ACTIVE RAIN REFERRALS!!!! - 03/15/12 12:35 AM
I have been waiting for what seems like forever to hit that stupid 100 referral mark off of Active Rain.  I mean...
I'VE WAITED, but TODAY I GOT MY 101rst REFERRAL!!!! Here's the deal...I was just writing this post over the weekend, when today, I received a phone call from a borrower who called my office and called me asking about buying a home.  We went through the pre-qualification and they're going to the application as we speak. 
For me, this post is much more exciting than any milestone post that I've published here on Active Rain.  The reason is that it's … (11 comments)

success in the rain: 700,000 is just a latest milestone in a great journey with Active Rain - 11/07/11 02:07 AM's official.  As of this blog post, I have finally reached 700,000 points.  No small feat for me.  If I was in love with numbers, I would have quit blogging at 100,000 points.  But the fact is that Active Rain has done a lot for me.  I have reached this milestone with a lot of other add - ons.  Specifically, I have garnered 92 referrals from my 700,000 points.  To be quite frank, I wouldn't be here if the blogging didn't work.  But it does.  I've been presented with a myriad of other blogs, but Active Rain creates the most activity.  … (16 comments)

success in the rain: An Active Rain FEATURE Can be Good for Your Business! - 05/31/11 06:27 AM
I've always cherished getting a featured post, but it's never been a driving force for me. When I got one, though, I'd enjoy that gold star.  Nice feeling, but's never been the what makes me write.  Over the weekend, I was thinking about my last featured post, What Every Buyer Needs to Know in 2011, and thought that there must be more than just getting featured.  What's the Why?
WHY YOU SHOULD TRY TO ALWAYS WRITE A KICKIN POST????  The Grand Pubas at Active Rain take notice of you.  Yahoo....I'm on someone's radar!  My work is paying off.  What amazes me is that there … (36 comments)

success in the rain: Milestones May be the True Measure of Mastering Active Rain - 05/05/11 04:26 AM
One of my favorite bi-products of Active Rain is the milestones.  I don't look at milestones often, but I don't mind seeing it every once and a while. 
Active Rain take a lot of work! It does, but nothing great in life comes easy.  86 Referrals has me convinced that this isn't a hobby, but truly a part of an awesome business plan.
I just signed up for UPLOG.ORG.  I was told that it was simple to use and would "out-SEO" Active Rain.  You have to know Wordpress for it to work.  I need to know Wordpress.  The leader there … (16 comments)

success in the rain: 85th Referral from Active Rain is My Milestone Today! #100 is coming soon! - 03/26/11 11:35 AM
Very simple, but very bold.  Today I received my 85th referral from Active Rain.  No, Active Rain didn't call me and say here's a referral, but I did get someone directly from Active Rain.  Today, I had a phone call from someone in Elgin, Illinois.  They said,
"Larry, My wife and I are putting an offer in on a house.  My wife and I have been following your blog (on Active Rain) for quite sometime.  You're local and we think a lot a like.  Can you finance my house?" I thought about it for about 8 one-thousand's of a second and … (9 comments)

success in the rain: Yes, You Can Buy RIGHT AFTER A Short Sale - Update from a Prior Success Story - 02/28/11 03:16 PM
Last November I wrote a post entitled Buying 3 Months After You Sell Your Home in a Short Sale.  It was a real winner, at least in my eyes, but it also made it's way to the top of my blog scroll with the gold star.  The cliff note version of the post was that you can buy after a short sale.  However, there are......
TWO CRITICAL CAVEATS!!!!! The bank can't be reporting a deficiency and; The borrower can't have any 30 day lates reporting either. Well since then, this post has been seen umpteen bazillion times it seems.  I was … (7 comments)

success in the rain: 3 More Referrals this Weekend from the RAIN!!!! - 02/14/11 02:44 PM

 This is a short, but sweet post on my most recent success in the rain.  Most of you know that I've had some great success here.  In fact, I keep track on all of the referrals that I get from playing in Active Rain.
I'm well over 80 referrals since joining A.R.  But I received three great contacts this past weekend. 
One was from a producer at Chicago radio station who asked if I could do the loan for he and his fiancee. 
The second was someone looking for a No PMI loan.  Since I'm not licensed in Georgia I referred … (14 comments)

success in the rain: 5 Reasons Why a Featured Post is Good for Your Business - 01/10/11 03:10 AM
I've always cherished getting a featured post, but it's never been a driving force for me. When I got one, though, I'd enjoy that gold star.  Nice feeling, but's never been the what makes me write.  Over the weekend, I was thinking about my last featured post, What Every Buyer Needs to Know in 2011, and thought that there must be more than just getting featured.  What's the Why?
WHY YOU SHOULD TRY TO ALWAYS WRITE A KICKIN POST????  The Grand Pubas at Active Rain take notice of you.  Yahoo....I'm on someone's radar!  My work is paying off.  What amazes me is that there … (15 comments)

success in the rain: Off Like a Prom Dress in 2011!!!! - 01/04/11 04:14 AM
So....finally it's here!  I've made the the half million point mark on Active Rain. 
500,000 SMACKEROOS!!!!!! Pretty big accomplishment for me personally.  I remember when Randy Keberlein said to me "dude, you gotta do this Active Rain blogging thing.  I don't know how it works, but it just does."  I said what is it?  What do you do?  He couldn't really explain it but said that he had 30,000 points and was getting calls, hits and a lot of Google juice.  I said I didn't know how to create a blog.  He told me not to worry about it as the … (42 comments)

success in the rain: Active Rain Success (Lots of it) ..... YOUR WAY with YOUR PERSONALITY!!!!! - 12/20/10 01:33 AM
DO YOU PUT THE PERSON IN YOUR BLOGGING PERSONALITY? How do you make a statement?  People tell me that I shouldn't blog about politics.  That I should always be nice and positive.  Let me say this.  I'm not one who's out looking for controversy, but I did receive my SEVENTY SECOND (YES 72nd) referral off of Active Rain this past Friday. 
While I'm not politically correct (In fact I hate politically correct wimpy language), I'm not looking to get into fights with folks either.  But, something has been working for me. 
Here's the 101 to my Success in Active Rain: I … (8 comments)

success in the rain: Closing Success Story - 12/03/10 08:49 AM
So a couple of days ago I wrote a post entitled When You Care, You Often Times Become the Hero!!!!.  It was about a client who was denied by two other lenders.  The clients then found me on Active Rain and we got the deal done.  Well, today was the closing!  When I got there....issues abounded.  Thankfully most of the issues were between buyer and seller.  There were some ancillary issues that got scrubbed up during the closing.
The real estate agent was thrilled with the closing.  She said she'd been in the business 14 years and had never seen a … (6 comments)

success in the rain: 900 Posts Later and I'm.... - 10/14/10 02:38 AM it's a long time since I've joined A.R.  Over the course of time, I've written a lot.  As of today, I sit at a new milestone.  I'm just 100 away from 1,000 posts.  And to think that there was a day that I didn't think that I'd even hit 10 posts.  Needless to say, I have the requisite success to sing the praises of Active Rain. 
I've received over 65 referrals since joining.  In fact, I just received a new one just yesterday.  I've made a lot of money on Active Rain as well.  I think what has amazed me … (6 comments)

success in the rain: What Part of ACTIVE Don't you Understand? - 07/13/09 01:25 AM
I was just honored to be accepted into Active Rain's Ambassador Program.  Needless to say, I'm excited, nervous and curious as to how good I will or won't be in helping others dominate the world of internet real estate.  You see when I applied based upon Brad Anderson's post, The ActiveRain Ambassador Program, I wasn't sure if I would get picked because, quite frankly, I'm not nearly as great as some of my Active Rain Mentors.  I don't belong on the same field....much less in the same stadium as some of these guys. 
However, when reading the post by Brad, he … (47 comments)

success in the rain: Sometimes I Feel Guilty on Active Rain - 03/03/09 01:04 AM
OK, OK, OK....I was a neophyte.  Actually, I still am.  My co-workers made fun of me.  My wife thought that it was stupid and a waste of time. 
Write blog and comment on other people's posts?  Why?  What for?  Go write a deal she'd say.  I told her that I'd do this on my time, not work time, but I just wanted to see if I could become number 1 in my town and meet some people.  Then the addiction began to set in.  I developed some nice relationships and started to move up in my county.  The relationships grew, but … (113 comments)

success in the rain: Localism & SEO Merging at it's Best!!!!! - 02/19/09 03:31 PM I get the call....
Hello Larry, this is Suzi Q at the Daily Herald Newspapers.  Joe Schmo said that you're somone in the mortgage industry whom I can talk to. 
I say, about what? 
We're doing a five part series on the state of the mortgage industry and we were told that we need to start with you?  They say you're honest and integrous and (more kissy comments that I just soaked in)
I say "who referred you?" 
Joe Schmo!!!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Joe Schmo!  Now I'm with you.
I'm to kick off their 5 part series, We're talking about the state of … (21 comments)

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