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Are you searching for (Suze Orman on Mortgages)??? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't.  Some people love her, some people don't love her so much. I have to say that I am a Suze Orman fan. I found this video clip of Suze Orman on Mortgages. Basically, she is advising us to have our mortgages paid off...
A person buys a $200,000 home at 6% interest. On a 30 year mortgage they'd have a monthly payment of $1199 per month. Not bad, right? 6% interest is fair, right? Multiply $1199 by 12 and the potential homeowner would pay a total of $14,388 for the entire first year. One might think, "Cool, I've g...
In Life Insurance Selling Magazine, (June 2009) Byron Udell wrote something that I liked. He is explaining to a client how R.O.P. works. Here is how he explains it. ”Mr. Client, here’s how it works. You set up an account and put $1,000 per year in it. The insurance company also sets up an account...
Virginia regulators placed Shenandoah Life Insurance Inc. in Roanoke in receivership, saying the action was needed to protect the interests of policyholders and creditors. The action comes one day after a planned merger, announced in November, was called off. The Virginia State Corporation Commis...

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