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With the advent of social media has come the introduction of FTC rules and regulations on the right ways to handle it for your company. The rules are simple and allow a good deal of creativity in interpretation. But, they are rules and when broken can result in stiff penalties and heavy fines, th...
I have to confess this is my all time pet peeve! I am so tired of getting impersonal invites to friend connect on Facebook or the generic invite on LinkedIN "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn." I'll tackle LinkedIn in next week's article, this is about Facebook. Remember ...
I've got to commend Holly Blalock the Creative Director at C.R. Laine again. She has done an awesome job of leveraging her company's exposure with marketing partners. This something every small business owner and retailer must do to beat the competition by maintaining and growing your exposure wh...
I’ve realized lately that what is stopping or at least slowing down many women particularly, from climbing on the social networks and jumping aboard the social media bandwagon is fear of remaining secure. It is wise to note that anything you say online is permanent and forever out there in the un...
One of the keys to effective marketing today is a great hook and at Fall Market in Highpoint, there were some great ones! The first I saw was featured by Ellen Gefen of when she shared what custom upholstery manufacturer C.R. Laine has done to support the honey bees. In case you'v...
Regularly sharing Strategy Sessions with Creativepreneurs I have found that the single greatest challenge to your success is your mindset. Success is as much a choice as it is anything else. You can work hard, you can put in long hours, you can be tremendously talented, but if you don’t have the ...

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