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Everything seems to be about real estate when real estate is both your profession and your obsession. For example: A few years ago my coworker went out to dinner with someone she had just met.  The next day she filled me in on the date but the conversation really got rolling when she mentioned wh...
When I think about discovering Active Rain - a very short time ago - it reminds me of the first times I found two other sites - ebay back in 1998 or so and etsy just last year.   It sounds melodramatic but finding each of these sites was a transformative moment for me.  Each site was so fully rea...
And, no I'm not suggesting that we're an egotistical bunch - I'm referring to studies that show that part of the brain actually grows when a person masters a large amount of geographical information.    Specifically, a British study of London cab drivers showed distinct changes in the size of the...
Some people may not like them but I think Memes are fun - to read and now to write.    I was psyched to be tagged by Gabrielle Rhind - thank you!     So, here first meme: I'll start off with an obscure sports reference - I babysat for Peter McNeeley when he was little.  You might not r...
Before I fell down the Active Rain rabbit hole, I used to spend a lot of time on the frugal living websites.  My fascination with money saving books and websites began in the 1990s with Amy Dacyczyn's newsletter, The Tightwad Gazette, which led to a series of books by the same name.  Amy, a self-...
Well, snow is in the forecast again and, while it's all too tempting to complain, I've been trying to put a positive spin on all the white stuff.  There's been plenty of time to ponder the topic - we've had three good sized snowstorms in about a week.   So - here are my top ten reasons why snow i...
As President Bush and Mrs. Bush lifted off in the helicopter, a TV commentator mentioned that the Bushes will be moving into a house that the President has not yet seen. Wow! I hope he likes it.  I've sold one house to a couple that only the wife saw until the day of the closing. Her husband's jo...
One of the pundits this morning said there is a "palpable sense of joy" in Washington today. That's true of my home town too. Barack Obama and Joe Biden carried Massachusetts in November with 62% of the vote.    In Cambridge, 88% of voters cast their ballot for Obama-Biden, second only to the sma...
Red tailed hawks have become increasingly common around Boston and Cambridge.  It's still a thrill every time you see one.  In Cambridge real estate agents tour the new listings each Wednesday.  Twice in the last year we've seen hawks during our tour.  One was perched atop a Cambridge hospital's ...
When's the last time your office or company had company matchbooks printed?  Truthfully I don't ever remember seeing real estate company matchbooks.  Since smoking's declined it can be tough to find a book of matches of any type.   Turns out advertising your company or your new development on a m...

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