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 Fun news for you pet lovers out there!  Finally an event that puts our little town of Chilliwack on the Map!On St. Patrick's Day, a Chilliwack standard poodle called "Charlie" whelped a record brood:  16 puppies! Charlie, whose name comes from the TV show Charlie's Angels began the birthing proc...
03/31/2008 was lookikng for a song to do with "hats" ...well ok...not necessarily 'party hats'......but like all the 'Hats' we as Realtors wear (now thats a subject for another Blog!)....but in the meantime, I came across this!           Now I can't get the William Tell Overture out of mind! Oh...
Remember the song.....?.If Ihad a Million Dollars. Just a few years ago.....$1,000,000 seemed like a phenomenal amount of money....I mean it still is ..but certainly not even in the realm of what it used to me........To be a 'millionaire' used to be a rarity.......almost out of reach...and as kid...
It was a combination of the days and days of pouring rain we've been having.......a weekend of pouring through the 'active rain ' blogs............that brought to mind.......Jose Feliciano old song.........Listen to the Falling Rain..........for some 'real newbies', probably won't even kno...
Turn off your lights—Earth Hour: March 29, 8 pm i  was reading the British columbia Real Estate News when this article caught my eye!  Apparently BC Hydro is a world leader in energy conservation, and has become an active participant in Earth Hour 2008. BC Hydro is encouraging residents, business...
  Its Easter morning and I'm lying in bed.......its sooo quiet you could hear a pin drop........I don't hear any giggling, the rustle of little feet, squeals of delight.......This is my first Easter where I have no kids at home. - two have moved out and one is with her dad....and even at that the...
I joined Active Rain a week ago today...It's been an amazing experience and very addictive! I realize how little my world is when I limit myself  to my small community and local real estate.  The available resources, helpful hints, combined/exponential experience that's available through ActiveRa...
The number one thing that will drive me to succeed is to tell me that I can't do something!  I remember, 20 years ago...I was 31 years old teetering....                                   on the brink of a disintegrating marriage with two toddlers, 14 month and 3 years old.  I was in the midst of ...
As a consumer - did you know that when you sign into a new construction community by yourself (be it townhome or single family developments) - that you may lose your ability to be represented at a later date on that same property (without any cash out of your pocket)?  It is a little secret that ...
The  Beauty of Chilliwack    Chilliwack, British Columbia "Chilliwack" is the name of the local Indian tribe and also of various geographical features. This Halkomelem word has the sense of "quieter water on the head" or "travel by way of backwater slough". The original spelling was "Chilliwhack"...

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