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I don't know about you but ever since I saw Demi Moore in "Ghost" I've wanted to learn how to do pottery!This weekend is the Season  Opener Christmas Show,  at Greendale Pottery. (minutes west of Chilliwack)......   The Showroom shelves are full of Stoneware in  distinctive glazes and contemporar...
Actually....there isn't any Art About It! :-) A smile is so simple, yet so powerful.  And it costs so little!  As a matter of fact the 'reward' can be tenfold!   Lets take a look....         "A Happy Heart - means a Glad Heart - a Sad Face means a Breaking Heart"....Proverbs 15:13                ...
Thirsty Kitty ...                                                                                          The Keller William Difference - Different by Design!  At Keller Williams Realty, we like to think we stand out from other real estate firms in many ways, but these areas in particular define...
I know some people dread them...but I love Meme's!  I feel honoured that someone would want to know what I think about anything!   I was just thinking that I should do a 'meme' that asks for each person's favorite 5 books!  So although this one has a different has a curious way of p...
A year ago today I was celebrating my 50th birthday in Hawaii!  I won't lie - I was totally stressed out about turning 50...:-(  Its amazing how the days turn into months and the months turn into years and then all of a sudden you're "middle aged"! If I'm middle aged does that mean I'll live to b...
The Hope Slough is an amazing series of meandering waterways that drain the area between Chilliwack and Rosedale. The sloughs run primarily through private property but where the road crosses or parallels them, there's some amazing wildlife....Habitat includes Coho and Chum Salmon... . The slough...
Its always interesting to know how the rest of the world sees your country..........With the election of Obama....and the world-wide media attention -I think we're more aware of how the world is watching - and that we do live in a Global Community........What touches one country effects another.....
Last weekend I took my five year old niece Carmen...... to her soccer game at Fairfield Island. My brother and sister-in-law were working and I volunteered....I'll tell you - I'm not sure what the score was but I was mesmerized by the concentration, intensity and passion that I saw ...and was luc...
Ever look at your currency and wonder about the story etched on each bill  and what it represents?.......How many of us even look at our bills that carefully?  Probably not many - unless we're thinking its a counterfeit $50!  Well If you look at the back of a Canadian $10 bill, you will see an ol...
So you've heard this story from me before....How do you live in a town for so long and yet there are so many things you still haven't many places you haven't gone?  Well yesterday morning I met my friend Tana and we grabbed a Starbucks and decided to go for a walk down the Rotary ...

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