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In our mail today was Money magazine's annual Best Places To Live list and for the first time in awhile Warren County didn't have a Top 50 city.  Mason Ohio has typically been in the top 25 when the criteria aligned with what Mason offers.  But this year, it looks like the criteria shifted a bit....
We might like to think the real estate market keeps secrets, but it doesn't.  The real estate market speaks, sometimes in quiet whispers, other times in loud shouts.  The challenge is to listen as the market speaks and adjust our plans accordingly.When the market speaks, it doesn't always tell us...
Most major builders in the Cincinnati area are tied closely with a particular lender.  Given their choice they'd prefer you use THAT lender before any other you personally chose.It's not unusual for the builders to even offer some type of incentive for you IF you use their designated lender.  Per...
You still love your current home but you know you just don't love what it takes to keep it the way you want it!  What used to be enjoyable is just too much work now.  The kids have moved out, and now that there's just the two of you, what do you really need with that 4th and 5th bedroom anyway?  ...
While most Warren County markets are slowing down, Morrow mashed the pedal to the medal and completed the sale of 28 homes in August, tied with the highest months' totals since January 2010.  Pretty good news!  Prices were good, the number of homes under contract good, the only thing lacking is e...
With today's completed sale of 9240 Elizabeth in The Woods on Wilkens a shortage of Mason Ohio condos for sale is even a bit shorter!  At the beginning of the week there are only a total of 14 Mason condos NOT already under contract!  The good news for you is if you missed out on 9240 Elizabeth w...
I KNOW I read a post the other day about __________!!I KNOW I wrote a post about _____________ a few years ago!!And now I can't find what I'm looking for!  Well there are a few ActiveRain tricks of the trade for finding blog posts!Sometimes it's a simple as looking at the site's footer.  For inst...
Maineville's real estate market, like most of Warren County, is slowing down as it typically does this time of year.  Homes are still selling quickly, but not quite as quickly as the previous month.  Stick with us for the details right after the stats section further down this post when we get in...
August shows more signs of Mason Ohio's home sales continuing to supply a strong demand.  We are heading for the slower time of year as indicated by increases in time to sell and the decrease in homes under contract.  Stay with us for more details for Mason homes! Is the activity affecting your M...
There is one number that really jumps out at us concerning theMason Ohio condo market:  14. While the number 14 means a lot to a lot of area sports fans, in this case the number 14 carries a totally different meaning.  14 is the number of  Mason Ohio condos for sale that are NOT under contract.  ...

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