ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Is ActiveRain A Waste Of Time Or Is It GIGO? - 02/13/18 01:50 PM
 The ActiveRain watercooler/Q&A section recently had a question about the many missing Rainers that have passed the 500,000 point milestone.  Where did they go and why?
The answers are varied.  Agents come and go.  Business reasons.  Personal reasons.  Out of the business reasons.  Life happens.
Some people find value in the community, some don't. 
The sharing of knowledge is topnotch and there's no shortage of people that can point to this community and state "ActiveRain is WHY I'm still a real estate agent today.  Without it I would have failed years ago!".
I've gained expertise here on niche marketing, SEO, escalation clauses, setting up … (35 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Comments Don't Matter Do They? - 01/23/18 01:54 PM
We're on a social media platform that encourages interaction.  I comment, you comment, we comment, the community grows. 
When I first started blogging many moons ago the number of comments were a measure of whether or not I considered a post a success.
Comments validated the work (someone liked it enough to take time out of their busy day and respond???).
Comments helped me get to know other Rainers better, and many of those relationships started then have continued long after the others left the Rain.
Comments tell others a lot about us and others.
Are we sincere? 
Did we take the time to actually … (29 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: What Gets Measured Gets Done - 01/16/18 02:40 PM

"What gets measured gets done".  Author disputed
If you've ever worked in corporate America or anywhere near a bunch of engineers you've probably heard some variation of this quote.  In a nutshell it's about accountability and people responding to what is measured. 
For instance, if you have an assembly line and don't track defects, you fail to understand your business and you fail to improve.  Track the RIGHT things and you start to understand where the problems are and how to address them.  And yes, once people KNOW they're not anonymous and responsible for their work, the results can improve dramatically (been … (16 comments)

ask an ambassador: 25 Things To Do When ActiveRain Is Out Of Sorts - 01/11/18 04:13 PM

So you're trying to get your ActiveRain fix and the site's not cooperating?  Login glitching, or just really slow, or the raincoat Chihuahua is FIERCE?
Look I love ActiveRain just as much as most members after all my years here, but I'm also a practical engineer.  If I'm getting an obstacle here that I can't fix, well frankly my time to waste is pretty much nonexistent.
So what to do instead?  We're real estate agents, so chances are there is NO shortage of things we COULD be doing!
1.  Pet the dog or cat.  You're stressing because you can't get your fix?  Studies show … (34 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Each Sandbox Has Its Own Rules - 01/09/18 12:47 PM

Once upon a time we literally played in sandboxes.  We learned lessons about sharing, bullies, and that sometimes the neighborhood cats multipurposed the sandbox!  We learned the rules as we grew.
As we got older, the sandboxes changed.  There wasn't any sand, but the same principles applied. Part of growing up was figuring out where we fit in and where we didn't, and what the rules of the game were at the time.
We graduated to adulthood and the sandboxes changed significantly.  Often the rules of the game became very clear, recorded in office policy manuals.  Obey or else. 
Now, we probably play in … (10 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Relationships Last Beyond The Rain - 01/01/18 02:21 PM
If you've been in the Rain any length of time you realize this community is fairly fluid.  Some of us have been here for years and years, others are brand new, and others come and go, and then...well some leave and never come back.  But the phrase "gone but not forgotten" applies if they were active members and built relationships while they were here.
And while Facebook might not have really been much of a thing when we first joined ActiveRain, it's now an integral part of staying in touch with people.  The result is I have hundreds of agents from across … (23 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: What's Your Rain Legacy? - 12/26/17 04:59 PM

Sooner or later, each of us will write our last post in the Rain. We might decide the Rain just isn't the best place to spend our real estate work day, we might retire from real estate so blogging stops being a necessity, or sometimes the robed guy with the scythe calls our number.
But when that time comes for whatever reason, the book is closed.  We've created our body of work via our activities here in the Rain.  We've written blog posts, left comments, made phone calls, met in person, it's all part of the legacy we leave. 
Reputation management, brand … (45 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Review 2017 To Improve 2018 - 12/19/17 03:38 PM

If you've been in real estate for any length of time you know things change.  Markets go up and down.  Housing segments fall in and out of demand.  We have to pay attention to what happened and what we think will happen.  Some crystal balls work better than others, and the better we adapt, the more potential we have for success.
So as we're close to wrapping up 2017, it's a great time to assess your blog's effectiveness with some key questions.
Let's start with the person in the mirror:
Are you blogging regularly?  It doesn't have to be every day, but understand … (19 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Finding Fertile Ground - 12/12/17 09:08 AM

This fall our ash trees had a bumper crop of seeds.  The little seeds fell by the hundreds, slowly spinning to earth and landing haphazardly wherever gravity and the wind currents took them.  Some stayed in the woods where they might find a fertile place to grow in the coming years.  Others weren't so lucky, landing on our roof, our patio and driveway.  Without a helpful gust of wind, they'll never find soil and a chance to grow.  
Our blog posts aren't unlike these seeds.  Spinning away from our keyboards by the dozens, some blog posts find fertile ground and grow, … (2 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Breaking Blogger's Block - 11/28/17 03:05 PM

I WANT to blog, but I'm totally tapped out on ideas!!!  Or at least tapped out on ideas that I FEEL like blogging about, or ideas that I have the pictures to support...I REALLY need to go shoot some more subdivision pictures!"
And you know what?  It happens to all of us at some point or another.  Even those of us that have posted 3346 times and over 7 years of daily blogging.  It does.  Some Tuesdays when I'm trying to come up with another Ask As Ambassador topic, I'm staring at the screen and wondering which direction to go...and initially...nada. 
But … (31 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Just Start - 10/31/17 01:15 PM
 To quote the great Greek philosopher Pogotees "We have met the enemy and he is us!".
We're in a business that can provide us with a long list of excuses as to why we don't get certain things done (trust me, with the dual career life I'm continually self-excusing why I haven't done more with our Wordpress site, but it is just that, excuses).
We're busy, go go go, although some of that busy work might be easily sacrificed in the name of more productive activities.
I've been here, blogging steadily away for many, many moons at this point.  I continue to do so … (31 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: 6 Topics To Make Your Phone Ring - 10/24/17 04:18 PM

You can blog every day and never get your phone to ring.  Blogging by itself isn't some miracle silver bullet that will quadruple your business if you post 5, 50, 500 or 5000 times.  When it comes to getting the phone to ring, it's WHAT you write about and HOW you write about it that makes the difference.
So here are some suggestions to improve the odds of getting your phone to ring:
1.  Write about new construction homes for sale.  People love new homes.  If you can be knowledgeable and get the information they need in front of them, you can get … (54 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Was The Post A Success? - 10/17/17 03:19 PM
According to the ActiveRain stats page, I've posted in excess of 3300 times.  Some of those posts by my current standards I'd consider absolute failures.  I still had the training wheels on my blogging bike, so at that time just getting a post written and broadcast to the world was achievement enough. 
But over time my expectations evolved.  Posts need a purpose and an audience.  My time is valuable so I need to make sure I'm being productive with my blogging.
When I look at what I want to write now, my definition of success is considerably different than my initial blogging … (8 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Getting Noticed In A Crowded World - 10/10/17 02:13 PM

"Hello, My name is Waldo."
Okay, it's not, but if you're a real estate agent doesn't it sometimes feel like you're the Waldo in a crowd of thousands and you're hoping that home buyers and sellers will find YOU instead of your competition?
I don't know the latest total count of agents in our direct market, but between Cincinnati and Dayton there are thousands and thousands of agents.  It's pretty easy to get lost in that crowd. 
So how do you get noticed? I think it comes back to knowing your market and putting what you know out there to help you get found.  … (27 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Selecting A Blogging Niche - 10/03/17 02:49 PM
 You can write all the "general" blog posts you want, but word for word, the biggest power is in niche blogging.
For us, that's been pushing extra hard on Cincinnati patio homes.  It's gotten us ranked rather well, and all organically.  It provides an increase in our business, although we're not solely reliant on patio homes for all our business. 
So what are key factors to consider in selecting YOUR blogging niche?
1.  Is it a niche you can learn and like working in?  For instance if a niche is "short sales" and you absolutely HATE dealing with them, why go there? 
2.  … (26 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassdor: Search And You Shall Find - 09/12/17 02:12 PM
I KNOW I read a post the other day about __________!!
I KNOW I wrote a post about _____________ a few years ago!!
And now I can't find what I'm looking for!  Well there are a few ActiveRain tricks of the trade for finding blog posts!
Sometimes it's a simple as looking at the site's footer.  For instance, if you go to the bottom right of the footer you can find the "Leaderboard" and then search by state to find potential referral agents.
Also on the bottom footer is the "Getting Started" link, you'll find a collection of links to blog posts that explain some … (28 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Kicking The Beehive - 09/05/17 10:25 AM

Blog posts generally fall into one of two categories:
1.  Consumer facing (FAQs, subdivisions, market reports, new listings, open houses, self-advertising, etc.)
2.  Agent/Community facing (how to sharing, opinion pieces that are clearly directed to other agents (rants, questions for advice on brokerage selection, thoughts about open houses, part-time agents, etc.)
What type of comment you leave SHOULD be guided by the intended audience.  While the ActiveRain community guidelines might not be explicit to separate the two, the general guidelines apply in every case (be civil, respectful, no attacks, etc.).  But IMO it's even more imperative to mind our Ps and Qs when we … (34 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Force Multiplying Your Blog - 08/29/17 09:08 AM

In the military, force multipliers are tools/weapons that increase the power of your fighters.
A machine gun is far more powerful than a rifle. Cavalry moved from horses to tanks. Ships extended their reach with cruise missiles and aircraft.
But the military doesn't have the monopoly on force multipliers.  As real estate agents the difference between an agent doing 2 or 3 transactions a year to 10 might be a business force multiplier, and then another force multiplier to move past 20 transactions.  Add the right tools as needed to hit that next level of production.
So what's available to us here in … (29 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Some Things You Just Have To Keep Saying - 08/22/17 01:02 PM

If you blog long enough you might worry about running out of ideas for posts!  You don't want to get repetitive, but IMO there's nothing wrong with revisiting topics for another round.
Partly it comes under education of the consumer because if you're in the business you know the public often misunderstands what we do.
Agent representation and why they should just have ONE agent (or team) working for them.
What a listing agent does (and doesn't) do.
What a buyer's agent does (and doesn't) do.
How builders work. 
Why a preapproval is so important.
The list goes on and on and .......
No one post is going … (20 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: A Pointed Discussion - 07/25/17 11:09 AM
The nature of ActiveRain is that it is for many people a points driven culture. 
Leave a comment.  Get points.
Write a post.  Get points.
Answer a question.  Get points.
Reblog another's post.  Get points.
Accumulate enough points, your price of participation goes down every 100,000 points.  Rinse, lather repeat until you reach 500,000 points and a free account. 
Gather more points and you move up the leaderboard, be it city, county, state or national.
Frankly it's pretty easy to get points in the community, participate and they're there for the taking.  Type and type some more.
But pursuing points just for the sake of points … (34 comments)

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