patio homes: Discounted Luxury Cincinnati Patio Homes For Sale! - 03/27/17 04:18 PM

It's not often you can get a HUGE price break on a Cincinnati new construction patio home,  but Brookstone Homes Parkland Meadows community in Symmes Township is on sale right now!!!!
Why the big price break?  When a builder is ready to finish up a community they want to wrap it up and put their focus elsewhere!  So rather than wait for the just right buyer to come along for the LAST lot in the community they'll build a home that is the most popular style for the community and put an appealing price tag on it!  This Shawnee floor plan is … (3 comments)

patio homes: Want A Cincinnati Patio Home? Blink And You Might Miss It! - 02/24/17 01:24 PM

Depending on your desires for a Cincinnati patio home, the selection might be VERY, VERY limited.  It might even be zero!
While patio homes make the perfect home choice for many of our buyers, there are a few things that can put a kink in a successful patio home search:
A limited location for availabilty.  Most Cincinnati communities will either have no patio homes, or maybe 4-5 on the absolute high side.  If a buyer has very specific needs for where they want to live, the options may be scant. While new construction patio homes are readily available in a number of … (3 comments)

patio homes: We Love Watching Our Buyers' Cincinnati Patio Homes Be Built! - 02/23/17 04:08 PM
Working with Cincinnati patio home buyers is one of my favorite parts of being a real estate agent!  Some buyers buy "used" homes and others go for new construction patio homes!  There are plenty of builders in the Greater Cincinnati area offering new patio homes, but it's not always obvious where to find them if you don't have an agent in the know!  And THAT is where we come in!  Since our specialty is Greater Cincinnati patio homes, it's critical that we keep up on the latest offerings!  And the other part you might not realize is we do hold some … (2 comments)

patio homes: Are There Any Cincinnati Patio Homes For Rent? - 01/25/17 02:01 PM

Searching for Cincinnati patio homes for rent? 
We'll admit that it's not easy to find them!  Our experience has been that patio home owners rarely offer them up for rent.
Why are they so hard to find? 
First and foremost, Cincinnati patio homes are most often someone's last home, so they're STAYING there!  While they might head for warmer climes during the colder months, chances are they're not going to risk opening their homes to tenants while they're gone.
Secondly, the patio home segment isn't a HUGE number of the overall Cincinnati housing market. 
Thirdly, and this isn't true about only patio homes, but … (2 comments)

patio homes: Miami Bluffs New Construction Patio Home Spring Sale 2017! - 01/16/17 03:53 PM
Competition for Greater Cincinnati new construction patio homes is stronger on the Cincinnati side of the Ohio River than it is in Northern Kentucky.  While Northern Kentucky offers a number of new construction patio home communities, if you want the largest choice of communities in Greater Cincinnati, you're heading to Ohio!
And the benefit of that competition for our patio home buyers is as builder vie for your dollars, they'll sometimes offer specials to encourage you as the buyer to pick THEM over the other options in the area.
That's the case with Fischer Homes and their Miami Bluffs patio homes section in … (2 comments)

patio homes: Cincinnati Low Maintenance Ranch Living Choices - 01/15/17 03:24 PM

It's time.  You've had the big house and the yard and all the time spent making it all look perfect.  Enough, time to spend a LOT more time enjoying life and a lot less time spent taking care of your home. 
So what are your choices?
For the majority of our buyers the answer is a Cincinnati patio home. Cincinnati patio homes are:
Typically ranch homes (with or without a basement) Always detached homes  (think a "regular" home)
Minimum 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage You own the lot and lawn care is included
But there's another primary choice for those … (2 comments)

patio homes: Northern Kentucky Patio Homes in Saratoga Springs of Triple Crown - 01/13/17 03:03 PM
Searching for Cincinnati area new construction patio homes for sale?   While most of our patio home buyers focus on the Ohio side of the Ohio River, some of our buyers find the Northern Kentucky suburbs of Greater Cincinnati the better choice to call home, for instance in Triple Crown's Saratoga Springs patio home community!
And yes, we can help our patio home buyers in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky since Bill (our patio home buyer specialist) is licensed in both Ohio AND Kentucky!
Saratoga Springs is Drees Homes' latest addition to Northern Kentucky patio home communities and is part of the Triple Crown … (4 comments)

patio homes: Greater Cincinnati New Construction Patio Homes For Sale - 01/04/17 03:22 PM

Searching for Greater Cincinnati new construction patio homes for sale and not sure on which side of the Ohio River you want to live?  North of Cincinnati?  East?  West?  Or how about South and in Northern Kentucky?
We've got patio homes covered on BOTH sides of the Ohio River!
No matter which direction you want to go, you can have one stop shopping for patio homes since we have the capability of working with builders on EITHER side of the Ohio River!  That's right, our buyer's agent Bill is licensed in both Ohio AND Kentucky so we're not going to let a little … (3 comments)

patio homes: Do You Want Good Enough In Your Cincinnati Patio Home Or The Best? - 12/29/16 03:16 PM

When you want to buy a Cincinnati patio home, do you want "just good enough" or do you want THE BEST possible match for your needs?  Whether you want a resale patio home or a new construction patio home, there will be communities that are "okay" and some that will be the best possible match for your needs.
Obviously you want THE BEST, right?  That's where we come in.  Helping buyers find the right match in Cincinnati patio homes is our specialty.  We routinely help buyers find the best possible fit for them, be it either resale or new construction.  We understand … (3 comments)

patio homes: 7 Reasons You NEED A Buyer's Agent For New Construction Homes - 12/14/16 11:53 AM
If you're thinking about Cincinnati new construction homes, and in particular a Cincinnati new construction patio home, you might not realize it but you NEED a buyer's agent to help you through the process!
Here's why!
1.  The builder's rep works FOR the builder, NOT you.  They'll help you through the process, but at the end of the day never doubt who has their ultimate loyalty.
2.  A buyer's agent that works new construction knows ALL your choices.  That's especially critical with specialty homes like Cincinnati patio homes.  With a half dozen different names used by the builders, finding the RIGHT new construction patio … (15 comments)

patio homes: New Loveland Community Features Patio Homes & Garden Spaces! - 12/02/16 04:46 PM

Searching for Cincinnati patio homes for sale?   There's a brand new community being built in Loveland called Elliott Farm and is now open for orders and Elliott Farm includes a patio home section! 
Elliott Farm offers three sections of homes:
Legacy at Elliott Farm (patio home section priced $292,700 to $356,800 base price) Traditions at Elliott Farm (regular single family homes priced $359,400 to $407,100 base price) Heritage at Elliott Farm (Estate single family homes priced $477,100 to $523,700 base price).  Larger lots and homes than the Traditions section
Key features of the Elliott Farm community:
Located in Kings School District … (7 comments)

patio homes: How Soon Do You Need A Cincinnati Patio Home? - 11/26/16 02:44 PM

When you're buying a "regular" home there's usually an ample selection of homes for sale.  You might have to trade off a "nice to" to get one, but homes are out there.
Patio homes are different.  Inventory even at its most plentiful is still very limited.  There's a variety of reasons:
Patio homes tend to be buy and hold.  While typical homes might turnover ownership every 7 years or so, patio homes are often the owner's retirement home with no real intent of selling EVER.  However, health reasons (or an unexpected move by the grandkids) can change those plans. Patio homes are … (5 comments)

patio homes: Are You The Builder Rep For Cincinnati Patio Homes? - 11/23/16 02:38 PM

If you're searching Cincinnati patio homes for sale and interested in new construction patio homes you've probably found some of our posts about the various Cincinnati area patio home communities.  There are quite a few and we've provided quite a bit of patio home information.
You might even assume we're the OFFICIAL BUILDER'S REP for some of these patio home communities.
We're NOT.
In fact, we're BETTER for taking care of you and your best interests than the builder's rep can be.
Why?  Because we're not beholden to any single patio home builder.  We go EVERYWHERE!!  If there are patio homes being built, we've either helped … (2 comments)

patio homes: The Villas At Park Place West Chester Ohio Final Phase Open - 11/10/16 07:45 AM

The Villas At Park Place in West Chester Ohio is now into its final phase!  We drove by today and the earth movers are in high gear setting up the streets and grading the land. 

Since contract acceptance for the final phase began in the last two weeks, they've sold 8 of the 21 available lots.  The bulk of the lots bordering the trees on the side away from Beckett Road are already under contract for build.  Our buyers can expect their home to be ready in the May/June 2017 time frame.
These courtyard homes are available in … (0 comments)

patio homes: Want To Build A New Cincinnati Patio Home In 2017? - 10/24/16 08:00 AM

If you want to live in the Cincinnati area and build a patio home to own in 2017, it's time to start the process.  Considering most Cincinnati new construction patio homes  take 6-8 months to complete, we're already in the time frame of May 2017 being the soonest you'd be able to move into a complete build to order patio home!
And when you stop and think about it, it's easy to see why it might be May or later depending on the weather in the next few months.
It's a BIG decision to make and there's some time consuming research to be … (2 comments)

patio homes: Think Of Your Future Needs With A Cincinnati Patio Home - 09/24/16 10:31 AM

We work with a lot of Cincinnati patio home buyers.  Some choose resale, some build a patio home just the way they want it.  Some like a "regular" patio home community and others prefer to head to Cincinnati's ONLY 55+ Active Adult community.  No matter the preference, we're here to help make the right choices to fit your needs.
And part of those needs?  Assessing what key features you'll need in your home now and years from now.
Some builders have already grasped that "aging in place" is critical for patio home buyers.  What is meant by the term "aging in place"?  The … (6 comments)

patio homes: If You Want My Time, Get Your Reservations In Early - 08/21/16 06:11 AM

I love helping buyers searching for Cincinnati patio homes for sale, but here's the thing.  There is just one of me.  I can only help one client at a time.  I have no clones.  I have no twin.  No teleportation device.  Yep, just me.  And when I'm with a client, I'm WITH that client.
So if you need my patio home expertise, I need a few things from you to ensure you get priority attention:
Commit to working with me AND ONLY me as your agent.  I don't work as part of a posse of agents and I'll decline every time if you … (12 comments)

patio homes: We Work For YOU, NOT The Patio Home Builder! - 08/20/16 09:45 AM

If you're searching Cincinnati new construction patio homes for sale , you've probably found us.  We post quite a bit of overall information about Cincinnati patio homes and a fair amount about new construction patio homes too. 
Which builders are building where, the style of patio homes, how many they plan to build, community amenities, prices and all that comes with knowing the patio home niche.
But there's one thing we're NOT, and that is the builder's rep.  We don't rep ANY builders nor ANY specific community.  Consider us free agents of sorts in that since we work for YOU and NOT … (3 comments)

patio homes: The Villas At Park Place Patio Homes West Chester Ohio In Final Phase - 08/15/16 07:59 AM

The Villas At Park Place in West Chester Ohio is wrapping up the last of Phase II new construction patio homes in the suburbs of Cincinnati.  But the good news?  They're adding another 21 new construction patio homes with a Phase III addition scheduled for 2017!  And if your time frame supports waiting for a courtyard home, then now is the time to call us (513-520-5305) to arrange a meeting with the builder's rep because they're already taking lot reservations for Phase III!  Here's your chance to pick out the best of the final phase of  The Villas At Park … (0 comments)

patio homes: Milford Ohio New Construction Patio Homes Phase II - 08/07/16 08:32 AM

Looking for Cincinnati patio homes on the east side?  Then these new construction patio homes in Milford's The Courtyards at Terrace Ridge might be the place for you to call home!
The builder is very experience with patio homes, having completed a project in West Chester and are 3 lots away from completing Parkland Meadows in Symmes Township (one of those patio homes is being built for buyers of ours).
The Courtyards at Terrace Ridge are conveniently located near the Rt 50/I 275 interchange.  The Courtyards are NOT part of Terrace Ridge as far as access to the community pool (perhaps someday after … (5 comments)

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