cary: CARY NC Swine Arrested for Hogging Highway! - 03/30/11 05:28 AM
CARY NC Swine Arrested for Hogging Highway!
You can't make this stuff up! 
During morning rush hour five pigs were loose at the very busy highway intersection of I-40 and I-540.  The Highway Patrol was called and a foot chase took place until the culprits were all apprehended.
The situation was made worst by a hard driving rain.  The dedicated deputies had a difficult job trying to capture thier fugitives as well as keep them from harm from oncoming traffic. 
No mention of were the pigs originated.  If no one comes forward to claim the pigs they will be put up … (14 comments)

cary: Cary NC 1994 Today's Show, "What is this Internet Thing?" - 02/01/11 06:19 AM

Cary NC  1994 Today's Show, "What is this Internet Thing?"
Cary NC  1994 Today's Show, "What is this Internet Thing?"  Katie and Bryant struggle to understand this new fangled thing called the Internet.  They openly discuss the @ symbol.  Katie believes it to represent "about".  Bryants research told him it's pronounced "at".  Who could be correct?

Amazing how things have changed in 17 short years.  What was your life like 17years ago before the pervasive use of the Internet?

Try to imagine not having:
Smart phone Email On-line MLS All the websites used … (0 comments)

cary: Cary NC Carolina Preserve Amberly Del Webb - 01/16/11 01:20 PM
Cary NC Carolina Preserve Amberly Del Webb Cary NC Carolina Preserve Amberly Del Webb is the premier Active Adult +55 Community in the Triangle. Convenient to major highways, shopping, entertainment yet tucked away in Chatham County just over the Wake County border.  Residents of Carolina Preserve Amberly Del Webb are pampered with full use of Bradford Hall, the amenities center.  Two pools, complete fitness center, activity rooms, computer nook, craft rooms are just the start of the many ways Bradford Hall will keep you busy. Outdoor activities include a pool, tennis, shuffle board, boccie ball, putting green, a little bit for … (0 comments)

cary: Cary NC Morrisville Parkway to be Extended - 10/11/10 06:02 AM
Cary NC Morrisville Parkway to be Extended Cary NC Morrisville Parkway to be extended from Cary Parkway to NC 55.  For years residents in the Preston area and communters coming from RTP found in necessary to drive around to High House Road or Morrisville Carpenter Road to get to NC 55.  

Soon the Morrisville Parkway extension will be open and residents can access NC 55 and the all important I-540 extension to the rest of the Triangle.  NC 55 also serves as a corridor to Western Cary.

Cary NC  has always been very proactive when it comes to … (0 comments)

cary: Cary NC When is a Driveway Crack an Issue? - 10/11/10 05:47 AM
Cary NC When is a Driveway Crack an Issue? Cary NC when is a driveway crack an issue?  Like most issues in Real Estate it depends.  Let's talk about concrete.  Concrete is a natural substance and it cracks.  That is why driveways, garages, patios, any large area of concrete have those lines drawn in them.  Those are stress fractures.  The purpose is to guide the eventual crack in the concrete.

Cary NC When is a driveway crack an issue?  The issues arise when the crack has more than a 2" gap.  That size of a gap is usually the … (1 comments)

cary: Why Can't I get a Roofer to Show Up? - 10/10/10 04:04 AM
Why Can't I Get a Roofer to Show Up?                Recession?! Really?! Why can't I get a roofer to show up in Cary NC?  I thought we were in a recession and people were struggling and looking for work.

Last week we had numerous inches of rain here in Cary NC and I noticed some water damage in my kitchen.  We bought the home "as is" about six months ago and have had a few surprises along the way.  

No problem!  I'll call a roofer.  I went to our corporate Preferred Vendors … (35 comments)

cary: Wake County Public Schools What You Need to Know When Moving to Cary NC - 08/31/10 02:41 AM
Wake County Public Schools What You Need to Know When Moving to Cary NC
Wake County Public Schools what you need to know when moving to Cary NC is the school system that services our real estate market is a county system, even though many refer to the schools by the city in which they reside.
 In Wake County Public Schools you have several school choices:
 Traditional:   This is just what it sounds like, a traditional school calendar that begins in late August and ends in mid-June. Student attend schools for 180 days with holidays and teacher work days off .  Magnet:  … (1 comments)

cary: Cary NC Realtors are Back to Selling Shelter not Investments - 08/30/10 02:00 PM
Cary NC Realtors are Back to Selling Shelter not Investments At a recent Market Trends Forum it was stated that in Cary NC Realtors are back to selling shelter not investments.  Since the national downturn in the housing market there is a need to change our thinking about real estate.  It was not too long ago that homes we only viewed as shelter.  A place to settle down and raise a family.  In the past 10-15 years real estate turned to money making investments.  

Recently home buying decisions here in Cary and across the nation were justified by numbers, … (0 comments)

cary: Cary NC I Will List Your Home at Your Price, However.... - 08/30/10 01:49 PM
Cary NC  I Will List at Your Price, However..... No matter how hard I try to review comparable properties with a seller I often find myself compromising so in Cary NC I will list at your price, however....

Pricing a home is difficult, especially in today's real estate market.  Our current market is changing everyday.  When pricing a home one needs to look at the comparable SOLD homes and the comparable FOR SALE homes.  

Let's start with what Comparable means in Cary NC:
    A home is comparable when it is within 10% of the square footage - … (2 comments)

cary: Cary Lazy Days - 08/29/10 11:24 AM
Cary Lazy Daze Cary Lazy Daze is an annual family event enjoyed by all ages.  The last Saturday of August artists from near and far decend on Cary NC to sell thier wares.
Lazy Daze is also a time for local bands and dance troops to entertain on one of three stages.  Cary area churches, schools, and charities also use this event to host fundraisers.  

St. Michael's Church raffles off a quilt made by thier "Quilters Club".  Cary High School cools the crowd with $1.00 bottles of cold water.  NC State offers face painting to support band events.  

cary: Wake County Schools Testing Results 2009-2010 - 08/10/10 07:28 AM
Wake County School Testing Results 2009-2010 Wake County School testing results 2009-2010 are in and Cary area schools continue to dominate.  Of the 9 Wake County schools that received top recognition 7 are Cary area schools.  (Apex, Morrisvile included)  
Of the 6 Wake County Schools that reached the Schools of Excellence 5 are Cary area schools.

Why do Cary area schools dominate to Wake County Testing Results?
Parents- supporting the school through volunteer hours Parents- supporting the teachers with supplies Parents- supporting school fund raisers Parents- supporting the teachers and staff Parents- supporting their children  Parents make all … (0 comments)

cary: Well Technician or Realtor? Cary NC - 07/21/10 11:39 AM
Well Technician or Realtor? Cary NC Last week while trying to get a home closed for my seller I was asking myself, am I a Well Technician or Realtor?

 In this case both!

 That is what I needed to do to get this home to close successfully.

Let me back up a bit.  My sellers already relocated to Baltimore from Cary NC area.  We were in the final stages of repairs when the well failed the all important water test inspection. With the sellers out of town I received a panicked call.  The well needed to be … (4 comments)

cary: ReBar Camp Comes to Cary NC Once Again! - 07/12/10 10:17 AM
ReBar Camp comes to Cary NC!  
ReBar Camp comes to Cary NC once again.   What is ReBar Camp?   ReBar Camp is controlled chaos.  Thanks to fabulous volunteers like Eleanor Thorne, this will be Cary’s second ReBar Camp.
It is a group of “Though Leaders” sharing information with others in an open forum.  The first session is a large group “Welcome Session”.  The group breaks off to smaller groups decided on by the participant’s interest at that moment.  Multiple sessions take place at the same time in various rooms and you are welcome to join any session at anytime.  … (2 comments)

cary: Cary NC Sears and Fonville Morisey Realty Join forces to Save You $$$$$! - 07/06/10 10:02 AM
Cary NC Sears and Fonville Morisey Realty  Join Forces to Save You $$$$$! Cary NC Sears and Fonville Morisey Realty join forces to save you money on appliances and other commercial items for you new home.  This is an exclusive benefit form your Fonville Morisey Realtor. While purchasing your home in Cary or surrounding areas, new or re-sale, simply call Sears Commercial Sale Consultant to receive commercial prices on new appliances and other high end items.

Items include:
Washer/Dryer Microwave Range Grill Exercise Equipment Flat Screen TV Mattresses Lawn Mowers Air Conditioners Plus more!!!! Contact ME your Fonville Morisey Real Estate … (0 comments)

cary: Cary NC Mangum Carpet anf Flooring - 05/24/10 05:50 AM
Cary NC Mangum Carpet and Flooring Family Owned Business thats Knowledgeable and Competitive
Recently my family was in the market to carpet our new home and visited Cary NC Mangum Carpet and Flooring.  It's family owned business thats knowledgeable and competitive.  

We first went to the big box stores to take a look around.  It's been 15 years since we bought carpet in Cary NC and needed to educate ourselves on styles and pricing.  It was confusing and the associate was of little help except for the pricing.

What about wear and tear?   What about padding? … (1 comments)

cary: Cary NC Trim Those Trees or They May End Up On Your New BMW! - 05/24/10 04:49 AM
Cary NC  Trim Those Trees Or Else They May End Up On Your New BMW Cary NC Trim those trees or else they may end up on your new BMW.  Recently we moved in to a new home on the water on a golf course.  It's a million dollar view.  While enjoying the view out back we didn't take time to evaluate the health of the trees in the front yard.  

Here in Cary NC we have these lovely trees called Bradford Pears.  They get there name from there pear shape.  They flower in the spring and never get … (3 comments)

cary: Cary NC Rain, Rain, ....Thank-You! - 05/17/10 09:15 AM
Cary NC    Rain, Rain....Thank-You! Cary NC Rain, Rain....thank-you from all of us who have been hoping for rain over the past month.  We enjoyed  numerous sunny glorious days of "Carolina Blue Sky".  However with all that sum comes dry browning grass, shrinking ponds, and stressed water supplies.  Cary NC depends on our water reservoir such as Jordan Lake for drinking water.  When rain is scarce our water reservoir dwindle quickly.  

I've noticed the lack of rain on my favorite place the, golf course.  The ponds and streams along the course are low, stagnant, and full of algae. I've … (3 comments)

cary: Carolina Preserve Del Webb - Pine Springs Model - 05/13/10 10:02 AM
Carolina Preserve Del Webb Pine Springs Model
Carolina Preserve Del Webb in Cary NC has been busy for the past four years building multiple home model, Pine Springs is a classic.  The Pine Springs model is part of the there single family home collection.  Pine Springs model boasts a den/office, large great room, rear kitchen, patio, and optional Screen porch.  It is 1414 sqft and is prices begin in the low $200,000's.  Pulte Homes allows the buyer the add thier choice of upgrades.

The draw of Carolina Preserve is its location! Located just off McKrimmon Parkway in western Cary … (0 comments)

cary: Cary NC Preston Pars Golf Season Kicked Off! - 04/06/10 10:12 AM
Cary NC   Preston Pars Golf Season Kicked Off ! Today at 8:30 a.m. in Cary NC Preston Pars golf season kicked off with mimosas in the Ladies Lounge at Prestonwood Country Club.  Energy was in the spring air, the temperature was 66*, the pine pollen was in the wind, and the ladies of the Preston Pars were ready for a new season.

The golf season kicked off with complimentary mimosas and socialization.  Eighty ladies will be participating in the 9-hole and 18-hole Tuesday Morning Preston Pars league this year.  Today was a scramble.  A best ball of sorts.  The tee boxes were marked with … (4 comments)

cary: Cary NC Whitebridge Homes for Sale - 02/15/10 04:23 AM
Cary NC Whitebridge Homes for Sale
Today I’m continuing my Cary NC tour of small quaint neighborhoods and the hybrid didn't have to go too far to find Cary NC Whitebridge homes for sale.  Whitebridge is located off Davis Drive just past High House Rd driving towards Apex.  This small neighborhood boasts quaint tree-lined streets, pool, play ground, and Cary Greenway access.  Cary NC Whitebridge homes for sale range in price from the high $200,000 to the mid-$400,000 all on 1/3 + acre lots.  The homes are traditional with a transitional flair.  Most homes have two-story foyers and /or family room, … (1 comments)