cary golf: Cary NC's Prestonwood hosts PGA Champions Tour-SAS Golf Tournament - 09/30/10 09:13 AM
Cary NC's Prestonwood hosts PGA Champions Tour - SAS Golf Tournament Cary NC's Prestonwood hosts PGA Champions Tour - SAS Golf Tournament for the 10th year this past weekend September 24-26.  The professional senior golfers from all over the country descended on Prestonwood Country Club to compete for the 2.5 million in prize money and points for the Charles Schwab Cup.  

Preston spent weeks sprucing up and the PGA finished the process building sky boxes, TV booths, grandstands and vendor locations.  Estimates of 50,000 spectators came to see the pros. Not to mention the GOLF Channel broadcasted from Preston … (0 comments)

cary golf: Lonnie Poole Golf Course-NC State - 07/11/10 10:39 AM
Lonnie Poole Golf Course NC State Lonnie Poole Golf Course is the latest addition to NC State.  Lonnie Poole Golf Course was built adjacent to the NC State Centennial Campus with a stunning view of the Raleigh skyline in the background.  The course is an Arnold Palmer design which captures the natural terrain of the NC landscape.  

NC State uses the golf course as a extension of university training and research.  Student studying Professional Golf  Management learn first hand right in there backyard.  Agriculture students conduct turf grass and storm water research to keep NC State's Lonnie Poole Golf … (1 comments)

cary golf: Cary NC Rain, Rain, ....Thank-You! - 05/17/10 09:15 AM
Cary NC    Rain, Rain....Thank-You! Cary NC Rain, Rain....thank-you from all of us who have been hoping for rain over the past month.  We enjoyed  numerous sunny glorious days of "Carolina Blue Sky".  However with all that sum comes dry browning grass, shrinking ponds, and stressed water supplies.  Cary NC depends on our water reservoir such as Jordan Lake for drinking water.  When rain is scarce our water reservoir dwindle quickly.  

I've noticed the lack of rain on my favorite place the, golf course.  The ponds and streams along the course are low, stagnant, and full of algae. I've … (3 comments)

cary golf: Cary NC Golf Season is Here! - 02/21/10 11:00 AM
Cary NC Golf Season is Here
It all started last week when I received the new golf season information in the mail, Cary NC golf season is here!
Because of our mild temperatures we usually golf ALL year round in Cary.  This year, not so.  As the rest of the country was buried in several feet of snow we endured, here in NC, weeks and weeks on 40* temperatures.  It never got to the magic golfing temperature of 50*+. 
Last week, as I was opening the golf season information the 7-day forcast was predicting 60*'s this weekend.
Could it be true, … (3 comments)

cary golf: Cary NC Lochmere Golf Course Homes - 11/23/09 07:53 AM
Cary NC Lochmere Golf Course Homes Cary NC Lochmere golf course homes is the second largest golf community in Cary NC.  Lochmere was established in 1984, consisting of 414 homes, with an average lot size of .77, nestled between Lochmere Lake and Lochmere Golf Course.  Now do you see the attraction?
Lochmere is located in southern Cary NC just off Tryon Road and Kildaire Farm Road.  The homes vary from estate homes to town homes.  
Golf is a polular pastime in Cary because the weather permits year-round play.  Each High School has a men's and women's team that compete locally … (0 comments)