bylaws: Pop Quiz! Can you name your EDO? - 10/01/09 06:18 PM
Real estate is your livelihood...and hopefully your passion. 
Do you know the name of the economic development officer in your community?  Can you name his/her favorite restaurant?  How long has he/she been in your community? What do they do for recreation?  How do they enjoy time away from work?
You can answer these questions, yes?  Great!
No?  Enough said. Get on the phone and introduce yourself.


Tana Plewes, CEO, Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship (

Tana Plewes

CEO, Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship

Kelowna, BC

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Office: 604-819-1460

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Business is a vehicle to fulfill on whatever matters to you in this life. Join me in Michael E. Gerber's Dreaming Room where you will approach your business, and your life, with a "blank piece of paper and beginner's mind".



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