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I'm sure I can speak for most Realtors® when I say that sometimes we sit and wait for a call from a client. We know it's coming, and when clients are thoughtful like mine are, they often give me a heads up when to expect it.Yesterday afternoon was one of those times. When a last-minute glitch aro...
Don't believe everything you hear, scams are everywhere, including in San Mateo County, California. There is more than one way to be a victim, sometimes it's as simple as answering the telephone and believing what you hear.Some years ago I signed up with the San Mateo County alert system. Periodi...
As you walk or drive through neighborhoods, do you find your eye caught by a particular house or building?That happens to me, and did so again last weekend as I hiked through an area of San Francisco we don't visit often. I was quite smitten by this attractive house and the color choice of their ...
Several years ago I discovered the author, Kate Furnivall and thoroughly enjoyed reading her book, The White Pearl. In the wee hours this morning when sleep was elusive, I finished another book of hers, Shadows on the Nile. If you enjoy historical fiction (many of her books are set in the 1930s a...
For the last several years I have had a mantra on which I'd focus. Last year I wrote how "I am happy, I am healthy, I am kind" works for me.Now I'm finishing up my quarterly review and planning session, enjoying the bird-song in the marsh across the street, hot coffee in my mug, nibbling on a fre...
I just returned from a short hike at Pt. Reyes National Seashore, and thought I'd share pictures I took here on April 1 and again today, July 2. Three months apart might not seem like much of a Throwback, but see what a difference 3 short months make to our beautiful open spaces.Pictures on the l...
Yesterday I wrote about how quickly a day changes, and the need to be flexible.After reading the 150 pages of disclosures yesterday morning, I then managed to track down HOA documents for the townhouse complex - hundreds of more pages needed an initial read through. Emails flew back and forth bet...
One of the attributes needed to successfully handle the stresses of our business is the ability to be flexible, to go with the flow of the day.I went to bed last night, with my day neatly laid out and planned. By 6:30 this morning the day had changed: I had received a requested disclosure packet ...
Hello friends and colleagues - take a moment, read Mike Tizzano's post, then head over to Facebook, join today's kindness event and continue to spread Abby's kindness. July 1st will mark 10 years since the day I became a father.  When I held little Abby for the first time she immediately had me w...
Located at 1788 Clay Street, on the corner of Van Ness Avenue, you'll find The Marlow, a 98-unit condomium building completed in 2014. The first re-sale has now come on the market, Unit #807, a two-bedroom, two-bath corner unit approximately 1120 sq.ft. in size, with balcony. Listed for sale by S...

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