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Do you know about Active Rain's Weltanschauung? Some organizations might call this a Mission Statement, a statement outlining the core beliefs of the company, but Weltanschauung is a much more interesting word, right? Weltanschauung - a new word to most of us.And that brings me to one of the guid...
The California Association of REALTORS® shared this easy to understand infographic, compiled from data shared by the National Association of REALTORS® collected from the 2017 National Community and Transportation Preference survey.These statistics are not surprising; various communities and style...
"Respect the Real Estate IndustryActiveRain is a place where real estate professionals can network with their peers and discuss industry insider topics. It is also a public forum where consumers can pull back the curtain and see what the real estate industry is really about"One of the community g...
Pacific Place, a condominium project where you can Live your San Francisco Dream.Urban living at its best! The right place to call home is as varied as each individual. One place that works for many is Pacific Place, a two-tower condominium project built in 2001. Buildings built in 2001 still off...
This evening I heard on the news that Capetown, South Africa, is the first major city to face a water shortage so severe the city might run out of water entirely. That made me think of how we use our natural resources, so when I came across this blog post by Phyllis Lerner, I paid attention.Using...
"If we buy this place for 900k now, How much do you think we should be able to sell it for in say 2019, or 2020?I understand the future is uncertain, just asking for your estimate." Questions of this type often are asked by buyers In our high-cost area. They are, naturally, a bit shell-shocked by...
I first "met" Charlie Dresden on the pages of Active Rain a couple of years ago. I was impressed then with his use of video to help make the unique Steamboat Springs lifestyle real to us. This latest post doesn't disappoint. I'm ready to grab my skis and head to Steamboat today -- and stay and li...
We're fortunate to live in San Francisco where there are plenty of good service providers. However, finding the best of the bunch isn't always easy, so today I'd like to introduce you to Restorative Bodywork by Mila Hutchinson. While Mila is a superb massage therapist who understands and utilizes...
We are fortunate in San Francisco to have many superb services available to us, including health and wellness. Today I'd like to introduce you to Jamie Lieber, owner of the Nurturing Life Clinic, located at the corner of Bush and Baker Streets in San Francisco. I discovered Jamie Lieber and Nurtu...
Anyone who has visited a California redwood park knows well the sense of grandeur sharing space with these majestic trees brings.Now there is added incentive to get out and enjoy these trees, the tallest in the world - free vehicle admission to 40 of California's redwood state parks, every second...

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