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Have you wondered what Escrow is and what does "It" do?  The term "escrow" is used in different contexts, but really isn't as mysterious as it sounds.  Escrow is simply a neutral third party. You might hear the term "escrow" in conjunction with a reserve account for taxes and insurance that a len...
What do you look for in your Escrow Officer?  Your closing agent should be experienced, but not insensitive to what the buyer and or seller is experiencing.  This is one of the biggest moments in their lives and your closing agent can help alleviate that feeling by talking with the customers in a...
This is your opportunity to expand the Home Buyers Tax Credit. I received this article just this morning and I wanted to share it right away so that you can help make a difference. Julie Urge Congress and President Obama to Support $15,000 Home Buyer Tax Credit Take Action!     Dear ALTA Grassroo...
Do you hear that?  No?  Perfect!  Your buyers and or sellers are not calling you over and over again to see if you have heard anything from Escrow?  Why?  It is because I have already contact them to see if they are interested in a Pre Closing, Closing.  There are so many new people buying and se...
Yesterday I noticed a problem sending and receiving emails, about one half hour into my day.  I did what I was taught to do, when in doubt "reboot"! That action allowed the one email to go out and then I noticed other problems, i.e., unable to log into a non-web program and documents not scanning...
Are you ready for your labor day weekend?  I sure am - I have my Bumbershoot ticket in one hand and my Bumbershoot (umbrella) in the other, ready to celebrate with tens of thousands of other enthusiastic performing arts fans.  Seattle has had the nicest summer that I can remember, however mother ...
After being out of the business for a few months, I come back to much the same atmosphere that I left it:  Lots and lots of short sales with new FHA financing. My first deal right out of the shoot was such a transaction and the loan officer was looking for her signed around Amendatory Clause befo...

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