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Well the feeding lot gate has been closed as today's news is that gold and silver can not be easily found. One comment was that some back in the woods mint in Pennsylvania may still have some silver for sale. To refresh your memory again, gold and silver in your hand is about the only investment ...
China and Japan both own one trillon dollars in US Treasuries or half of these debt instruments outstanding. Others including Russia and the gulf oil states own a good amount as well. These purchases are the direct result of a positive trade balance with the United States. During a global slowdow...
It would be far better to create a $700 billion dollar venture capital fund used precisely to unfreeze the capital markets. Virtually every dollar would then be used as it was designed and bypasses any possibility of any banks holding back. Consider that the current quagmire to be Dante's 7 ring ...
The ongoing de-leveraging process will probably cut in half investment grade P/E Ratios (price/earnings). Back in times when thoughts of blue skies and amber waves of grain in Kansas the P/E ratios were: average stocks 6/1; growth stocks 15 - 20 / 1. These P/E ratios are now trading considerably ...
Prior to the toxic mortgage bailout the US Treasury reported that global capital was insufficient to fund the monthly US debt requirements. Normally these reports bounce around sometimes the account is positive and sometimes it is negative. The outrageous 700 billion dollar mortgage suggests that...
Thursday and Friday stock market trading confirms that the majority of investors believe that Senator Shelby is right. The US Treasury and The Federal Reserve are still putting out brushfires and lacking a comprehensive plan. The big, big, big, big volumn occured in gold on Obama's watching...
The heart of the financial crisis is the OTC derivatives meltdown. Senator Harry Reid said "They have no idea what to do." Actions to be taken by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve Board to restore market confidence being touted in the media simply will not work the derivatives experts say . The...
The stock market is following the 1929 chart. This move will take the market down to almost nothingness. Yes, that's right , maybe you will have 5% of your investments left. It is a market of stocks so some things should respond well, however I think they initially followed the trend before asser...
We want the alien back! Sorry...Maryland Man Row - Row, Row, Row Your Boat...ActiveRain - Row, Row, Row Your Boat...See what I mean...The 85 billion dollar US government bailout of AIG that was suppose to cover things for two years is expected to "last only 15 minutes" was a comment made on a fin...
As of Monday September 15 there has been a global financial collapse. Unless you are an immediate direct party to the triggering of the OTC derivative contracts you will just have to wait. The size of money in question demanding performance is 10 to the 15th power. The estimated total global weal...

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