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  The Lazy Agent - By RE Columnist, Robert Bruss     I'm sure there is a good explanation for this.   But it 'looks' like they are just plain lazy. Robert Bruss, Real Estate columnist for The Charlotte Observer, recently had a reader send in a question asking for Robert's opinion about their real...
    If you like blogging, try constant contact so you can send out emails with better graphics and so you can track who is opening them.  I use it and send out one weekly email and only 19% get opened so I have a better handle on who is apt to send me a referral. If you will allow me to invite yo...
       Put some pep in your step like Bo Jangles!   I saw a guy getting out of his truck going to his office early one morning last week that really had some pep in his step.  I could tell by his energy and enthusiasm that he was excited and anxious to get to work.  Do you have this?   Over the c...
  Courthouse records - to help you prospect!     Did you know that the following information is probably available online or at your local courthouse?  marriage and divorce records land records (who owns, how much they paid, when bought) records and proceedings involving probate bankruptcy forecl...
  Weekly Tip -  High School Football.  Great networking opportunities.     High school football!  A great American tradition!   When is the last time you attended a local high school football game?  If you are not regularly attending them, allow me to tell you why you should.  Not only will you b...
I rented the DVD, "Peaceful Warrior" and watched it twice.  Go out and rent it and understand what taking the trash out means and give your mind a chance to help you fulfill your life with a new purpose.  This inspiring film, based on events of a true story put into a magical dream-like storylin...
  Seller Seconds.   A viable option for creative sellers and buyers!       When the going it's tough, the CREATIVE get going by thinking out of the box!   When cash is an obstacle, we'll do everything we can to get your buyers pre-approved for 100% financing and we'll even allow a seller second. ...
Program recap time as the tightening continues...   Hopefully, we've seen the last of these subprime-type mortgage guys!   With all of the mortgage tightening with over 130 lenders on the "implode-o-meter", I thought you need to know what programs we can still offer your buyers. Here's a partial...

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