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    Have you seen the movie 'Rainmaker'?  Please add it to your 'must see' list... rent it this week!   Like the movies Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), The The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) and My Cousin Vinny (1992), this one is a classic for anyone in sales.  When watching it, pay particular attenti...
  Now's the time to sell some houses!  Over the next 4 months, we are going to be super busy selling houses to folks that have been waiting for months to make their move.  You cannot keep people in one place too long and the traditional time to buy is now so get ready!   Get out there and start a...
Are your contracts getting torn up One of the key components in sales is qualifying your buyers by getting them pre-approved to make sure that they are financially able to buy so you do not waste any time and gas.  You are pretty good at this now that gas has gotten up to $4.00/gallon and you kn...
If you really want to get motivated, read Jeffrey Gitomer's "Sales Caffine" email newsletters.  In his latest, he talks about...   "present to 10 prospects, two will buy no matter what you do and two won't buy no matter what you do. The other six are on the fence and will buy or not buy as a res...
Everybody wants a Deal   The thought occurred to me that what you could be doing is sending out postcards or emails to your prospects showing all of the homes that have dropped their price as they occur in the MLS.   Call this your "Hot Sheet!" and promote this service in your advertisements so ...
  Your listings getting some age on them?  Yes, there is a 'For Sale' sign in this picture.    Here's a quick story about my father-in-law's house that sold in 3 weeks.  He picked a good realtor that was the top selling agent in the area.  She printed off 20 comps and they went through each one m...
580 minimum credit score has now become our bogey.  My company decided to put this in place for FHA approvals which was the last place I could have gotten someone pre-approved with less than stellar credit.  The only good news for me is that many other lenders now require a 600 or 620 minimum so...

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