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         Your body language is the key!   A study done at UCLA found that communication is mostly about your body language when talking face-to-face with people. The study found that effective communication is based on: The words you speak:   7% The tonality you use:   38% Your body language:    ...
       Some deals are too good to pass up!    I heard a good comparison story that explains the concept of price vs. value pretty good and here it is...   Part 1.   A bicycle salesman approaches a guy in his store and tells him about the great sale going on.  The pitch is very convincing with the...
Set a weekly goal this week!   The most successful people have written goals that they continuously monitor to make sure that they are on track.  But, only 2% of us actually have written goals.  Do you?    Here are some ideas for some weekly goals that you can start today for your weekly goals: T...
         You can do this!   This idea could be the best thing you can do to build your real estate business and here's why:   1. It gives you something different to promote and advertise in the papers, real estate circulations, magazines, retail flyers, hotel flyers, restaurant flyers, etc. and m...
Know the oldest cure for a sore throat?   Gargle with ice water for 30 seconds!  This may be the world's best kept secret too.  This is what a doctor told my daughter to do and it's the first I have ever heard of it.  But, you need to stop at 30 seconds because it will give you a 'brain freeze' o...
   Interest Rates are Dropping Again!   Since interest rates are dropping again, I thought this might cause some folks to wonder what causes this.  So, here's an overview of how mortgage companies set daily pricing.  There is much disinformation that exists on the subject.  In fact, daily price c...
Gas prices below $2/gallon again!   I filled up with $1.95/gallon last week so there's some good news for our economy.  Maybe this will get some people out riding around looking at properties again and calling you about buying!    Promote something like this:  "Gas prices are dropping, mortgage i...
                   Hubble image 300 million light years away as seen through an area the size of the eye of a dime!     I recently met an engineer working on a new telescope that NASA is developing along with Canadian and European space agencies to replace the Hubble Space Telescope in a few year...
I sat in on some CE today and heard some horror stories about realtors missing things like: "There's hardwood under the carpet"  - Don't be fooled!  Builders sometimes only put hardwood around the perimeter of the room and not in the middle.  If this is the case, you will not be able to tell by c...
    Are you using the internet to help your business?                 Youtube yourself and your listings!   It's time to start using the internet in case you have not already starting doing so.  Here are some examples of how others are doing it and some ideas of how you can promote your services ...

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