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Funny true realtor stories on Trulia. Here are some funny stories on Trulia by Realtors:
New Home Production Climbs to Highest Point Since October 2008 according to figures released by the US Commerce Dept. This good news comes on the heels of a very depressing 60 Minutes story last Sunday about the state of the housing industry in this country.  Hopefully, things are on the mend.  R...
Do you have a Fannie Mae loan?  If you have a conventional mortgage, then there is a good chance you do.  Here's a website that Fannie set-up for borrowers to find out if their loan is owned by Fannie Mae. Click here to find out - If you have a Fannie Mae loan...
I started working on my Christmas cards this week and I have mailed 48 so far and handed out about that many more.  I hope to be able to hand-deliver the rest of them next week while prospecting.  Christmas cards are a great way to stay in touch and hopefully, my card will be used to decorate the...
Do you have any friends with money?  Maybe they need to think about investing in Real Estate now!! I read an article in Nov/Dec edition of Realtor Magazine by Chief Economist Lawrence Yun.  He pointed out the housing affordability is about the best it has ever been.  This is great for cash buyers...
I often get that question and don't dare answer it for them.  Instead, I'll refer them to the commentary so they can decide for themselves.  In our business, we hold our breath when we get a borrower locked and hope that we can close them before their are any major price drops.  If th...
The 3-Day Rule!   There is a standard that sales people use in sales that if we all followed, our business would be soaring.  It's called the 3-day rule and here is how it works.  When you talk to a prospect, always take the time to get to know them and give them some information.  Then, try to s...
How do you tell your sellers that their house is filthy when they don't think it is? Here's an idea that could help that I heard from a Realtor a few years ago. Offer to send out your cleaning people to clean their house that are trained with some things that you have taught them to do over the y...

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