salt lake city: Speechless Sundays......Debbie Aldrich 801-870-0606 - 11/21/10 11:25 AM
First Big Snow fall in the Valley......up to 8 inches!  Get waxing those skies!!!!!!!


salt lake city: Salt Lake City At Sunset.....Debbie Aldrich 801-870-0606 - 09/23/10 09:20 AM
 Salt Lake City At Sunset
Fall is a great time of year for color, we have great sun sets and beautiful colors on the leaves.  The air is crisp and clear,  which makes everything seem brighter and more vivid including the blue sky.

If you are looking to relocate to our Beautiful city of Salt Lake give me a call Debbie Aldrich 801-870-0606.  I working in Salt Lake city , Salt Lake County, Wasatch County and surrounding areas.  I would love the opportunity work with you and show you the great city I live and work in.


salt lake city: Summer in the Salt Lake Valley Real Estate Market....Debbie Aldrich 801-870-0606 - 06/29/10 06:51 AM
Summer in the Salt Lake Valley Real Estate Market
Beside the rain and snow melt run off we are seeing a nice boost in the market.  Residential is moving  and commercial is close behind.  Salt Lake City is beautiful and green in the Summer, a sign of hope and new beginings and people start to think about moving, selling, buying and setting up their new diggs.
Besides the real estate market getting a boost in the summer it's also a great time for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, cook outs, outdoor concerts, gardening, biking, fishing and many other great activities.  Below … (4 comments)

salt lake city: Just another Great photo of Salt Lake City , Debbie Aldrich 801-870-0606 - 11/02/09 11:50 PM
Another great photo!!
I found this picture I took a few years ago, it isn't a post card, it is a real picture I took.   We get some amazing sunsets in Salt Lake City, especially when there has been a fire some where in the west.

A view from my deck!!
If you are thinking of relocating to Salt lake City or surrounding areas I would love to help you.  Salt Lake City is a great place to live, you will come to love it as I do!  Call me today DebbieAldrich. 801-80-0606.

salt lake city: Speechless Sunday, Debbie Aldrich 801-870-0606 - 11/01/09 02:38 AM
Speechless Sunday!
Another beautiful evening last night in Salt Lake City

Off to church then dinner with my kids later in Salt Lake City,  Have a great Day!

salt lake city: Using My Blogs to Enhance Existing Relationships part 2, Debbie Aldrich 801-870-0606 - 10/30/09 10:22 AM

Using Your Blog To Enhance Existing Relationships  
Part 2
When I started this blogging venture back in July it was a whole new world for me.  I had little computer skills other than the basics.  I was fortunate to have someone take me under his wing and show me the ropes of blogging and maneuvering through social media and the internet.   This took my business into a new dimension.  I launched my bogs into so many sites I am now linked to reaching as many people as possible.  I focus on Market Reports, local events, local restaurants, listings, anything … (8 comments)

salt lake city: Fall is still alive and well in Salt Lake City Debbie Aldrich 801-870-0606 - 10/17/09 06:28 PM
Out like a Blaze of Glory!!
Fall 2009 in Salt Lake City
via my blackberry

Just when we thought it was over in Salt Lake City, about a week ago mother nature gaves us an enncore!  It seems the colors intensified and the whole valley burst in to color and blue skys in Salt Lake City.  Normaly by mid-October rain or snow fall or both have muted the leaves and many would be on he ground but not this years!  This has been a beautiful fall in Salt Lake City with great weather.  My pictures all come from my … (13 comments)

salt lake city: 10 year anniversary of the Tornado in Salt Lake City, Debbie Aldrich Salt Lake City Realtor 801-870-0606 - 08/18/09 09:40 AM
On August 11, 1999  a very strange and rare occurance took place in Salt Lake City , a tornado hit downtown Salt Lake City, Utah in Salt Lake County.  Hail at 1 1/2 inch in Diameter hit before the tornado hit.  Winds were still calm except for an occational microburst.
The tornado hit at 1pm into Salt Lake City rated a strong F2 on the Fujita scale Up rooting trees and temporary destroying tents set up for the Outdoor Retailers convention.  Booth supervisor, Alan Crandy,38, of Las Vegas was killed by the tornado.  120 homes were severly damaged, 34 homes destroyed in … (6 comments)

salt lake city: History awaits you in Salt Lake City, Utah - 07/27/09 04:47 PM
 Salt Lake City is a city diverse in History. Grand Hotels, The beautiful Mormon Temple, wide well planned streets; it's all here. The one thing you will notice about Salt Lake is the outstanding blend of majestic historical buildings along the new architecture taking hold and making one take notice. I love this city and I would love to help you discover it's history. If you plan on moving to Salt Lake City, or if you are interested in selling a home in Salt Lake City give me a call and let me show you what makes me stand apart from … (3 comments)

salt lake city: Salt Lake City Offers Something For Everyone All Year Round - 07/16/09 02:42 PM
The great thing about the state of Utah and especially the Salt lake County area is it offers so many things to see and do.  In Salt Lake County and just minutes away you have world class skiing the two that come to right away are snowbird.  and   Deer Valley  .  Ask anyone where world class powder is and they're going to tell you immediately Utah!  Salt lake Countyis also renowned for amazing summer activities, such as mountain biking,hiking,camping and so much more.  This cosmopolitan city has outstanding attractions,restaurants, night life and offers something for everyone taste.  Salt Lake Real Estate market is one … (5 comments)

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