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Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty BLOG for Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Westside Homes> Bringing YOU the interesting news about wonderful Intown Neighborhoods in Atlanta PLUS important information for all typoes of Real Estate Transactions - BUY - SELL - LEASE. We love getting FIRST-TIME BUYERS on the right track with Mortgages. Of course, sometimes posts stray to Technology, Atlanta Events, Attractions, Colleges and Universities, Public Schools --- all info that would help a person choose where to live in the WONDERFUL CITY OF ATLANTA. Call soon - Lynn - 404.939.2727 -or email to
Dear Readers - John Meussner from Orange County, CA shares his analysis about recent Mortgage DTI news. DTI or Debt-to-Income plays a major role in Mortgage readiness. Bloggers here on ActiveRain offer advise and wisdom - reading  John Meussner posts is a good way to get both. His personal goal ...
 FreddieMac New Assessment Rating Scale: Meets/Exceeds/Does Not Meet   Freddie Mac reduced the number of Assessment Ratings on the Scale for Multi-Family in response to requests from Servicers. Now only three levels will be used for Ratings. The three levels are: -- Meets Expectations -- Exceeds ...
Philadelphia Center City Prayer Vigil 18th_Lombard Thurs., July 13 6pm Center City in Philadelphia -  a city whose very name means "Brotherly Love" - suffered an attack on its social structure on July 6th when a racially-charged symbol was left on a tree at 18th and Lombard.  The Reverend Donna M...
2017 4th of July Gratitude - for Living in the USA - for ActiveRain Gratitude - the word means "The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The OED has been a reference point for the meaning of words since ...
2017- Atlanta GA- Happy 4th of July to You and Yours Wherever You Are  In whatever way one expresses personal gratitude on Independence Day, we are so lucky to be here living in the US. Whichever form of celebration one chooses, all of us may appreciate the benefit of living in a country where we...
Buckhead Atlanta - Hunt-Fish-Trap? License Fees Go UP in Three Days! Yes, Hunt-Fish-Trap Licenses fees will rise dramatically in three short days. Maybe it is time to get that LIFETIME LICENSE* you have always thought about buying for yourself or family members or friends. Envelope postmarked by ...
Atlanta Buckhead - Hunt/Fish License Major Fee Increase on July 1st . Living in Atlanta Buckhead offers many diversions. Although fishing is available inside Atlanta, you may have to go elsewhere to hunt.Remember - both recreations require state-issued licenses.  As of July 1, 2017, Fees will be ...
Cross Creek Pool Party Today - You Could Live Here Soon! Check It Out! Imagine living full-time in a Resort Community! The Cross Creek community, located within the City of Atlanta, offers its Annual Pool Party tonight for all to enjoy.  Everyone welcome!  Cross Creek covers 122 acres of land, ha...
DocuSign Data Breach - Read All About It! - DANGER Will Robinson! (2/2) UPDATE:DocuSign explains that the data breach was limited to a NON-CORE SYSTEM that was used for [account holder] service-related announcements. ***  Please see the FIRST post of this series.Below, you will find further infor...
Internet Investors Looking for Atlanta Buckhead or Midtown Properties  Investors seek ROI when they purchase property.  Renting out is a very interesting procedure in established communities. Often rules apply and those rules are enforced by fines. Unpaid fines may become liens on the property. W...

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